Weekly Meditation: Trust Thyself


So rather than come up with a meditation for you this week, I thought the most important thing for everyone would be to look for your own answers.

So this week I would recommend you make a list of questions that you have for God and the universe.  Go to a quite place and rest in a comfortable position (preferably as close as you get to lotus position as you can, but whatever works for you will be best).

Ask your questions that you want answered, either aloud or just silently to yourself, and sit quietly for the next 5-10 minutes focusing on nothing.  If the answer comes to you, great…if not understand you may not need the answer yet or it may not be the right question you should ask…but don’t think that just because you don’t get an answer that the universe doesn’t hear you.

I know, not as focused as some of my other meditations, but it can possibly be more useful to you in the long run.


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