Time to start boycotting!

I am going to suggest to everyone that we on the conservative side have power in the free market.  We do not do well in national elections for whatever reason but we can affect changes in the media (which I consider a big part of the problem) by flexing our muscle in the market.

I decided to start small by seeing what advertisers are on Chris Matthews Show.  I found 4 that I thought were big and well worth starting with.

Charmin, Honda, Nissan and Crest are big advertisers and well known and used products so I propose we start there.

The object is to let the companies know that we do not appreciate their advertising on shows that are extremely biased and vicious to the other side.  Shows that lie and withhold truth.  We do not care that there is another philosophy out there just that ours is presented fairly and accurately.  We are tired of lies from the left media and not following important stories just because it would hurt their favorite candidate or party (example: Benghazi story).

The companies need to understand that if they continue to support such shows or attitudes we will not purchase their product and will actively try and stop purchases of their products.

If we start here and get the word out and receive the eventual response I believe we can get then we can go after other companies.  But let’s start here and work out.

Thanks so much for your support in this!

I will be retweeting this article daily and hope that you will do so also.  If you have facebook or other sites please post there also.

Charmin Contact info:


Honda Contact Info:

By Phone
At our toll-free number: 1-800-999-1009

By Fax
(310) 783-3023 (24 Hours)

By Mail
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda Automobile Customer Service
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Mail Stop: 500 – 2N – 7A



Nissan Contact Info:



Crest Contact Info:



 Changes – P&G has responded favorable and is not advertising (Charmin & Crest)

These 2 new products need to be responded to:

Campbells Soup


Fed Ex


Twitter – @FedEx   Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/Fedex


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8 responses to “Time to start boycotting!

  1. @Me2_22

    The problem, in my opinion, is partly that MSM filters the Conservative message so it doesn’t reach an audience. Other times it twists it into lies.

    Just as bad, the negative effects of Progressivism aren’t conveyed b/c most of MSM supports it, by and large.

    Why not take the message right to the people who don’t get the message because they don’t follow Conservative news?

    Reach the people who don’t get the good messages (or negative info) WHERE they do get their messaging.

    For example, once a week, run a 10 second commercial on TV shows that capture the target demographic. The commercial could scroll through a list of companies that announced layoffs the preceeding week. Or it could show the debt clock. Or both.

    They run commercials in theatres. Take spots at big premiers. Or buy 10 seconds during SuperBowl or other sporting events. And Hispanic media, too. Great way to reach them.

    When 95% of all TV, whether sitcoms or talk or news, is Progressive format, society is basically getting DNC propaganda all year long which shapes voter perceptions. Somehow the RNC needs to extend its voice, too.

    So, yes, boycotts can work, but I’d like to see us use the media against itself to reach who we’re currently not reaching now. ALL YEAR LONG. Help people realize the gravity of our situation as a Republic, and reinforce that Conservatives have positive ideas to help.

    Short, memorable, and to the right target groups is the name of the game.

  2. This is a sample letter to send off to these companies – I suggest that you personalize yours so they are not exact. I will continue monitoring and let you know of specifics that we should reply to – Thank you for all your support!

    To Whom it concerns;

    I am writing to you as I have discovered that you advertise on MSNBC and particularly The Chris Mathews Show HardBall.

    I am tired of News/Opinion News Programs that purport to tell the truth but actually lie, hide truth, refuse to report news articles because they make their favorite politician or party look bad.

    I feel it is important for a product/company to have as its business model the rule that they only promote shows that represent truth.

    I am unconcerned about bias particularly on an opinion show as long as they do not lie or are not vicious in stating their opinions and that they do not represent their opinions as facts.

    Recently Chris Mathews stated that he was glad that Sandy (storm) had occurred as it helped his candidate and party then added that not the death but still it was good. You should be ashamed to promote such divisive statements. Also there has been a potential story regarding what occurred in Benghazi but MSNBC and Chris Mathews choose to ignore or present incorrect information as to this story. Again you should be ashamed to promote something that refuses to actually inform the American public regarding truthful information. Also if you promote any programming (general shows) that overtly promotes one ideology over another and it does not progress or add to the story line I find that reprehensible also. This program has also perpetuated the story that Republicans want to hurt women and there is no factual evidence of that so it should be presented as opinion not fact.

    I will start monitoring shows that you support and if I feel that you have chosen a business model that is not in the fair best interest of the American public I will not purchase your product and I will do everything in my power to encourage and stop all people I come in contact with from also purchasing your product.

    My purpose is not to boycott your product but encourage you to choose wisely the programs you support or use your support to ensure that they are not vicious to those not of their mind set and are honest in dealings with all Americans. You should want to promote programs that are honest and presenting honest information.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I will begin monitoring the programs you support and let all that I know how you respond to my request.

    Mailing Address
    Contact email or phone number

  3. I received a reply back from PG&G (Charmin) and they seemed responsive and if receive more letters will probably respond but Nissan did not seem at all concerned in their response so keep in mind! Let me know if your receive responses and what you think about them.
    Twitter: Im4theUSA

  4. Received 2nd letter from (P&G Charmin and Crest) and they apologized as they only want their product on family friendly shows not on any show that would offend anyone. So you can see if you get behind this program they will listen and we can affect the media if we grow stronger (if we see these products on any shows that are offensive let me know and we will send letters regarding them also):

    Thanks for contacting P&G, Cathy.

    This television program doesn’t fit our criteria for family-friendly viewing, and we’re not sure why our ad appeared during the show. We specifically request ads for our products not be aired during controversial programs, and I’m sharing your message with our sponsorship team. You can be sure we’ll continue to examine our sponsorship principles and actions.

    Thanks again for letting us know.

    P&G Team

  5. Also occured to me that these companies have twitter accounts also so if you see something on MSNBC and tweet about it mention 1 or all of these:

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