First reactions

I really overestimated the intelligence of the American public. It shaded the way I looked at things and made me say there is no way that these idiots can come out again in those numbers for this treasonous asshole.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.–H.L. Mencken

I assumed values, logic, reason, character, and the future would win the day.  I was wrong.

The battle has been lost.

But war is over only when you surrender or you die.

And so we start again.

We need to fight to make sure that the House of Representatives holds strong against this tyrant and does not budge an inch.  Not a single.  Not on the debt ceiling, not on the budget.  Nothing.  There is no compromise with tyrants and Obama is a tyrant. (Some very ignorant people will claim, he’s not a tyrant, he was democratically elected…just like so many other despots have been popularly elected. A tyrant is first and foremost defined by what they do with power.)

My spiritual beliefs cause me to believe that everything, from small things in a person’s life to major historical events happen for a reason and happen to make us better people and bring us close to Enlightenment…but I’ll be damed if I can figure out how.

I just feel dead inside.


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3 responses to “First reactions

  1. Kristen

    Hi… I just found your blog in the midst of trying to find some site not full of bigoted, intolerant nuts who are spewing hate left and right in the wake of their messiah’s win. I am a 22 year old college student and I feel so miserable I can’t put into words. This has shaken my faith in God – I know He is there, but I feel as if He has forsaken us. I will graduate with this monster in office and I shudder to think what he will have done by then. As it is, I can’t get any help from the government for tuition even though I work hard and have stellar grades, but people who don’t even attempt working are given food stamps and more without a second thought. I don’t know if there will be a job waiting for me when I graduate or not, but I have my doubts. I want to keep my head up high, but it’s hard. I am so sick of being surrounded by these Obama zombies. I respect our freedoms – they don’t. I respect their right to support whomever they choose – they don’t. I work in an office of staunch liberals and I’m ridiculed every single day for my beliefs, and I’m sick of it. I wanted to have a family someday, but I loathe the thought of bringing a poor child into this world. If it’s this bad now, what will it be in 10, 15, 20 years? I don’t know what to do. I, too, feel so lost right now. I love our country. I was raised to be a God-loving, goodhearted, strong, respectful patriot by my mom. I work hard, study hard, and I help people as much as I can. When did that become such a bad thing?

  2. In this remarkable country we have the right to vote for our leaders. When we have voted, it is important to remember that we are a single nation. This attitude of yours and others like you is objectionable and least and, more directly, disgusting. A tyrant? A monster? An asshole? He is the president of the Unites States of America, a democratically elected president, your president. I imagine you all too gleefully spoke of resort for the office and the need to follow the president when Bush was in office, a leader who bogged this country down in multiple wars, pushed the economy to the point of near collapse, distorted the image of America abroad, and stacked the Supreme Court with partisans rather than fair-minded judges.

    You have the freedom to espouse your elides and sing them from the mountain top. But remember 2 things: people who disagree with you are neither necessarily wrong nor less intelligent than you (indeed, if this blog post is any indication, I doubt it will be difficult to find those more intelligent who diverge from your beliefs); secondly, remember that, however much you may disagree with the president, he is the president. Have some respect for the office, some respect for the democratic process, some respect for the millions of other Americans who are just as American as you or Bush or your precious Romney.

    Worry not, Crisap, in a mere 4 or 8 or 12 short years, you’ll have another blustering, poor-hating, war-hungry, trickle-down-economics-believing, 47-percent-of-Americans-don’t-matter, entitled, holier-than-thou leader whom you can salute with pride as the country again is put on a collision course with utter ruin.

    Dear man, if you believe in the Neocon principle that government should do as little as possible, that it is some sort of alien and oppressive force rather than the collective will of the American people meant to safeguard its principles and further its best interests as the founding fathers intended, then just pretend that it doesn’t exist, live your life, and stop with the bitter tyrades against the storm (“Blow wind, crack you cheeks!…”). Or continue with this anti-American hate speech, throw on a tricorn hat, and I’ll see you at the next “I-hate-any-America-that-isn’t-a-republican-America” rally, copy of the constitution in hand.

    Romney 2016! Or is it Palin 2020? Or Ron the plumber 2024?

    My name is Shawn Jenkins, my email address is, I am a proud American, my president is Barack Obama, and I love Americans whether I agree with them or not. Even you, Crisap. I am a good person and I believe that, under all that bitterness and all those caustic prose, so are you. God bless you, you fanatic Republican! (Is that a redundancy these days?)


    Shawn Jenkins

    • Shawn, where to start – I will just do line by line. Just because an election is held does not mean that the first amendment is no longer in existence – of course all conservatives are disheartened, disappointed and angry for the country they love. If you had any integrity or principles and just saw your country pick the bottom of a cliff instead of the heights of a pinnacle you would also feel bad for yourself, your country and the future so get over it if everyone is not on your delusional trip.

      Let’s talk about democratically elected – well we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic practicing democracy (part of the problem is the other side has no clue). Now when illegal aliens are allowed to vote, no voter id and military votes not allowed along with various fraud claims I do not know how the other side can claim it was a true democratic vote. And to be honest I do not remember your side ever jumping on board when a Republican is elected.
      Now if you had actually read any of Cris’ other articles from before the election you would know that he was never a strong supporter of Bush because he tried so hard to be like a Democrat and have them love him instead of following conservative principles. How democrats can complain about Bush when they have promoted these policies and philosophies forever and when a Republican gets on board suddenly it is bad – gee demonstrates real integrity there. On the other hand true conservatives criticized Republicans throughout Bush’s time for following Democrats ideals instead of conservative ideals. And you can not complain about the debt created during Bush’s administration without critiquing everything Obama has done and the debt that he and his administration created as over 100% more than what occurred in the Bush administration. To be principled you must hold the same thought through any administration not change it because parties change.

      Now personally I believe Obama is an asshole – he lies daily, never has been a leader, never represented this country as a whole – from the beginning wanted to separate it by race, class and any other group he could find. He does not want to follow the constitution and will destroy this country – maybe not completely but certainly he is trying.

      As to the to wars, they were appropriate at the time, but I personally, along with Cris and a myriad of others, do not agree with how they were carried out. But again there is that double standard how can it be wrong for Bush but right for Obama. He has murdered more people than Bush and certainly more of our military and that should never be set aside and dismissed.

      I already realize that you are clearly not a math, economic, history or government teacher so I will need to make this basic and will not get into a lot of detail as I do not believe you could follow. The “collapse” that occurred at the end of Bush’s term was not close to the Great Depression and it was not because of his administration but a collapse of polices that had been in effect since the Carter administration. There are so may variables involved that it can not be placed on any one doorstep but I can assure you that the democrats have earned a high award in its creation. Republicans are not without merit also – whenever they want to just be politicians and want to work with Democrats then this is what happens. But your idol has only made it worse and much worse so where is your complaint – again double standard – no principles or integrity.

      About our image abroad – we have never been liked by Socialists, Communists, Tyranny, Dictators, etc. But we were always loved by the people and that is why people have always immigrated to our country. But were always respected by other countries – I know the difference in the word like and respect is difficult for liberals but there is a major difference and it is now demonstrated with Obama. When you have every Dictator/Tyrant in the world endorse Obama along with the Socialist and Communist Party do you think there might be a problem – of course not it is just more of your idolistic worship. But although you might find your polls that say how well Obama is liked we no longer have any respect in the world. What country cares about what we think now or cares to even talk with us? None. Gosh again I am thrilled that we are so “liked”, I personally prefer respect.

      Another item I want to educate you on is the office of the Presidency is owed respect not the person, that must be earned and that would never occur for this President, as he has nothing worth respect.
      The Supreme Court – Ha “fair minded” judges. The Supreme Court is there to uphold the constitution – not be fair – again you obviously know nothing about the constitution and the object of the branches of government. The 2 judges appointed by Bush (Roberts) obviously believes in your “fair” ideal as he went against the constitution and made up law that did not previously exist. He tried to make a bipartisan decision but it was wrong and he knows it which is why the Supreme Court is not allowing other healthcare cases to come forth but he already went against the constitution and that means and end to it. Alito has fairly held to the constitution – you know it is an oath they take not followed by the 2 Obama appointed. You want Europe without a constitution – just want to be “fair” – well how is it fair when my rights were hurt. I do not want to deal with the government but a private insurance but government interference is making the costs go up so it is interfering with my rights and who are you to say that your rights are more important than mine?
      I also think that you are wrong and I am right and intelligence might exist on both sides but if you choose not to use the intelligence you have then it does not matter that you have the ability – common sense, math and factual things do matter and just because you decide to ignore them and do not wish to make judgments does not mean that you are also right or intelligent – it means you are wrong and have chosen to not use what ability you were given.

      Romney was unique as he was not a politician in the normal sense and would have used his knowledge and experience to get this country back on the right track and provided the ability for growth now that will not exist. We are a great country so it will stagger on but it will not be great and will not achieve greatness under this or any democratic administration just like it would not under any Republican administration like Bush’s. The constitution was the greatest document but if it is not followed it does not provide any greatness just by existing. The words it used are exact and have meaning not interpretation – the interpretation is how it is applied to current/modern day applications but not in what it says. So whenever it is reinterpreted to mean something other than it actually says then it is destroyed.

      I am so sick of the left statements of “poor hating” by the right. I always hated the term “compassionate conservative”. Conservatives by their very philosophy are the most caring people that is why they give to charity in money and time more than liberals. Liberals do not wish to do anything themselves just want government to take care of it so they do not have to think about it. Conservatives want everyone who is able to achieve as much as they want and be happy – liberals thrive on unhappiness. Conservatives as individuals will always care for those few who are incapable of caring for themselves. We have faith in people liberals do not so they want big government so they can trust in policies instead of people – oxymoron if I ever saw one. So called “trickle down” economics does work or there would not be a “middle class” which never existed previously prior to our country thriving because of it’s philosophy/constitution. Now that we are all becoming liberal the middle class is shrinking again and will eventually come to its demise. Ignoring facts does not make them go away or become untrue.

      Let me deal with the warmonger idea again conservatives hate war – such a waste of life and materials, not at all productive. But strong military strength has always been a deterrent to war (another pesky fact), Liberals like Obama just like the power achieved by killing indiscriminately and not allowing our troops to defend themselves, I guess it helps with some guilt they feel or their own self hatred that they project on our troops. Now if military is used to help or free people being treated badly I always support that but we are not in a position to do that right now so we need to strengthen our own country first but you must keep a strong military or we will end up in another war unfortunately. But shame on us I guess for being “warmongers” who believe that war is preferable to tyranny and that the “peace in our time” is not worth others suffering under despots—shame on us for actually caring about someone other than ourselves.

      I am so sick of liberals picking and choosing statements out of context for Republicans but assuring us that Democratic statement really did not mean what they actually said even in context. First even Mother Jones admits that at least 2 minutes were missing from that tape the 47% comment came from. It is a fact that 47% are on government payments at this time regardless of what they are from. It is a fact that half the country does not support Conservatives so without the full statements it is hard to determine what exactly he is referring to. He said he was referring to the fact that that much of the country is never going to support him – I am willing to take his word for it and that certainly would be a business man’s approach – why waste time and money on what will never occur.

      You and half the country have picked the road to mediocrity and eventual ruin but such is life. The successful will survive regardless, the poor will still be there (although larger and larger) and it is the rest of us that will pay and pay until there is nothing more to take from us and we all do fall to ruin. Thanks for not thinking.
      Your lack of understanding our founding fathers is laughable if not so sad. The founding fathers had a distinct distrust of government but also of the people in masses so they came up with a government that they thought would control both – the government small so it would not take power but the masses controlled by checks and balances so they would not dissolve into mob rule. They actually did not think it would last or certainly last so long as they had faith in neither government or the people. It was this model of distrust of all that allowed us to thrive and grow and as we have circumvented the constitution we have seen our growth lessened each decade but the experiment gave the whole world more progress and growth than ever expected and the greatest achievement was the development of the middle class – when that goes as it must under the current system then we revert back to only government rule under anarchy, monarchy, tyranny – these are your only choices. This country was never meant to work as a collective but as individuals working together in self-interest.

      One further thought, there will be more layoffs now and I wish the liberals were the first to be laid off but it will never be that way as it is not the business way but unions will lay off the last hired not necessarily the worst employees – how sad as it will cost even more jobs in the long run (again pesky facts).

      Thank you Shawn that was cathartic although not really helpful in the end but for the moment I do feel better to get out my rage against stupidity.

      And I will not give you my name as I work with stupid people like you and they are vindictive unlike conservatives who just live with it although occasionally complaining.

      P.S. I would like to warn you that idolism and worship is a dangerous viewpoint – no human can attain and maintain that status unless the worshippers refuse to see truth and I am afraid that is exactly what is occurring on the left. Much to the dismay of the right. But again study history it never works out well in the long run!

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