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First reactions

I really overestimated the intelligence of the American public. It shaded the way I looked at things and made me say there is no way that these idiots can come out again in those numbers for this treasonous asshole.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.–H.L. Mencken

I assumed values, logic, reason, character, and the future would win the day.  I was wrong.

The battle has been lost.

But war is over only when you surrender or you die.

And so we start again.

We need to fight to make sure that the House of Representatives holds strong against this tyrant and does not budge an inch.  Not a single.  Not on the debt ceiling, not on the budget.  Nothing.  There is no compromise with tyrants and Obama is a tyrant. (Some very ignorant people will claim, he’s not a tyrant, he was democratically elected…just like so many other despots have been popularly elected. A tyrant is first and foremost defined by what they do with power.)

My spiritual beliefs cause me to believe that everything, from small things in a person’s life to major historical events happen for a reason and happen to make us better people and bring us close to Enlightenment…but I’ll be damed if I can figure out how.

I just feel dead inside.


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