Liberals You Can’t Win, But You Can Make Your Vote Count

Look, liberals, face it, it’s over.

The Colorado University Projection that hasn’t been wrong since 1980 says Romney will win.

Rasmussen, the most accurate poll of 2008, says Romney will win. (You know Rasmussen, the most accurate poll in 2008)

Vegas’s top odds maker says Romney will win.

Gallup says that this will be the first election in their history where Republican voters will out-number Democratic voters (hell yeah that means Romney will win).

I could go on with dozens of other sources…but you know what I’m saying is true.  (I mean do you think a massive storm is going to make people even more thrilled about another 4 years of this ass?)

There is just no way he can win at this point.

The fact is that you can’t win.  In terms of deciding the election you could vote for Ron Paul or Mickey Mouse and it will have as much affect on the outcome as voting for Obama will.

But that doesn’t mean your vote can’t count and affect the next 4 years of policy.

Let me explain.

First off we do need to go over why voting for Obama is pointless, less than pointless, it’s not even a protest vote.  What happens if you vote Obama?  Well if we draw the usual lines according to Gallup about 51% will vote for Mitt, 46% for Obama and 1% for another candidate (47% hmmm, I recall someone saying about 47% wouldn’t vote for Mitt…it sounds so familiar) and all you have done is prove that there is a section of the country not open the message of the Republican party at any level, but since they won on that message they have no incentive whatsoever to change.  Also you have told the Democratic Party that this hack who is all charisma and no substance (admit it, if you could go back you would have voted for Hillary or Dodd or Richardson or anyone who wouldn’t have damaged the party as much as this schmuck).  You’re saying that charisma is more important than values and more important than leadership qualities.  And that means every candidate for the Democratic primary in 2016 is going to be playing off that Obama mentality of style over substance, charisma over values, and arrogance over experience.  And guess what, Romney beat it once, Romney will beat it again.

However let me offer two alternatives.

Let’s say you’re a Democrat not so much because you’re a hardliner on economic issues but because you believe in gay marriage, in less regulation and criminalization of personal drug use, in freedom of speech (if you really believe in these things, man is voting for Obama the wrong call), in abortion rights…in other words you’re a liberal primarily because of social issues.  Well, one, like I said Obama isn’t your guy here—he only panders to gays when he needs them, he is more hard-line on drug prosecutions than his predecessors, and he is not exactly known for supporting free speech.  But let’s ignore that, because Obama’s losing so what does it matter.  Now voting for Obama is not going to change things over the next 4 years because doing that offer no incentives to the Republican Party to change…


What if…

You voted for the libertarian.  Don’t even worry about the candidate or what he stands for.  You’re just voting for the party.

What if the Libertarian party got 5% of the national vote because liberals knowing that voting for Obama was a waste of time jumped to the libertarians.  That tells the Republican Party that there is a powerful socially liberal, but open to conservative economics, group out there.  That tells them that if they want to hold onto power, they should leave social issues alone…or if you get a really strong showing for the libertarians, while the Republican party certainly isn’t going to switch to socially liberal policy in the next 4 years, they may be open to making all these issues states rights issues instead of federal issues (think about the fact that Paul Ryan said he doesn’t personally support medical marijuana but that if Colorado votes for it, Romney/Ryan plans to do nothing to stop them).  As conservatives we can sell the idea of states rights to the Right.  And guess what lefties; you have a much better chance at winning these battles if they’re just state by state battles.  Americans are far more cautious about supporting national laws than they are about state ones.  If the Republican Party sees that it can at least hold off the Democrats by keeping their hands off of social issues, then for the most part, the majority of the party will do so and the few fringe elements won’t be able to push what they want.

So if social issues are your thing, voting Libertarian could actually get you what you want.

But let’s say you’re a through and through leftist.  You not only want the liberal social agenda, you want socialist economics as well.  Well then let me introduce you to the Green Party.  Yes they stand less of a chance than the Libertarians of ever winning but guess what?  Voting for them is a clear sign that the Democratic party better get its act together and stop putting forward these mealy mouthed wimpy ego trips and get someone who actually believes in principles.  Yes, I hit Barry a lot for some of his leftist actions, but let’s be honest, he’s not consistently leftist, he’s consistently stupid.  He does things that have everyone from all parts of the political spectrum going, What the F***?  But a strong showing in the Green party will show that the party needs to actually publically embrace its core values and run as not a center-center-left party but as a left party.

Now some will claim I’m just trying to sway the vote away from Obama.  (1) I doubt this will even remotely reach enough people, but it doesn’t hurt to try (2) that ignores that Obama has already lost.

What I really want is for the Libertarians to have a strong showing pulling from the left to keep the Republicans in line over social issues.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I loathe the Santorum wing of the party.  So it would be great if this did go viral among liberals so we can work together to get the GOP to be hands off on social issues.  But as to the liberals voting for the Greens I’m more ambivalent…however if the Greens really did do well and pull the Democrats to the left I think this would be even better for the Republican party…and ironically if you’re on the far left you have to think that having a true leftist would resonate with the public…you can’t believe in democracy and think that your message won’t resonate if you have the right person who can articulate its truth (yes individuals are stupid at times, but the idea of democracy is, at its heart that the majority can always be swayed by reason most of the time*…or are you saying that you don’t believe in democracy?)

Vote for Obama if you want.  But understand it is a vote that will neither get you a win or what you want.  However, voting for either of the major third parties might actually get you the policies you want in the long run.  It’s up to you.

*And the checks and balances of a Republic keep the times when reason doesn’t hold sway in check.

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