Obama’s misogynist virgin advertisement

How bad does a political ad have to be that within 48 hours there are numerous parodies that hit both the disgusting style and worthless content of the ad?…this bad:

I’m including it because it is so disturbing that it can only help Romney.  (I actually think Romney should buy ad time and just play this dumb video over and over again on TV with only a few comments added to drive home how little Obama thinks of women.) This treats women as utter ditzes who are only relevant because of their sexual organs…thank you for taking us back to the fifth century, Barry. The ad is just dumb on its face..but the fact that Obama has daughters and let this go out is a level of sick that I can’t quite describe because it shows how he really feels about women.

But there are some of the wonderful parodies (there are more, these are just the ones I liked the most).





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2 responses to “Obama’s misogynist virgin advertisement

  1. The one by Steven Crowder is both disturbing and wonderful…and I think he pulls off that outfit way better than Dunham did.

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