Mighty Obama at Debate

The Outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Democratic gang that day:

The score stood 50 to 46, with but one month more to play.

And then when Maddow died on air, and Cutter did the same,

A sickly silence fell upon the donors of the gang.

A moderate few got up to go in long delayed realization. Those who only whined

Clung to that stupidity which springs eternal within the liberal mind;

They thought, if only Obama could get but a whack at Mitt-

We’d put up even money, now, with Obama in his chair.

But Alexrod preceded Obama, as did also Lawrence O’Donnell

And the former was a cuckoo and the latter was a ditz;

So upon that entitlement gathering multitude grimly watched the end of Obamacare,

For there seemed but little chance of Obama filling that empty chair.

But Alexrod let drive a bullshit lie that was believed only in states of blue,

And O’Donnell, the much enthralled, tore the cover off his claims of true;

And when the dust had lifted, and the men saw what had occurred,

There was Alexrod safe from facts and O’Donnell quite absurd.

Then from 500 people still watching MSNBC there rose a vapid yell;

It rumbled through the entitlement offices, it rattled like an Embassy being shelled;

It knocked upon the mountain that is Obamacare and recoiled those getting welfare

For Obama, mighty Obama, was advancing to his chair

There was ease in Obama’s manner as he strutted into his place;

There was arrogance in Obama’s bearing and a smirk on Obama’s face.

And when, responding to the cheers, he smugly glared at Mitt,

No stranger in the crowd could doubt ’twas Obama and his bullshit.

Ten million eyes were on him as he showered himself with praise;

Five thousand tongues applauded while the Middle East was ablaze.

Then while the withering moderator let the first question zip,

Defiance gleamed in Obama’s eye, a sneer curled Obama’s lip.

And now fact laden challenger came knowledgably across the stage,

Needs a teleprompter to do everything (and if they forget to put “pick up bat” in teleprompter….well…)

And Obama stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur with nothing to read off a page

Close by the pompous Pres the questions unheeded sped-

“That ain’t my style,” said Obama. “Strike one,” the public said.

From the newsrooms, somber with pundits, there went up muffled squalls,

As if the tingle up Matthews’ leg had turned to a kick in the balls

“Kill him! Kill the Republican!” shouted someone out in  Twitter land;

And in deluded fog Obama’s Secret Service did not raise a hand.

(Probably busy looking for coke and hookers in South America).

With a smug look of tyrannical charm great Obama’s message resembled Lenin,

And Joe replace the rising tumult with horror of his laughter and grin,

Barry signaled to the audience, and once more his lies they flew

But public still ignored them, and the polls said, “Strike two.”

“Fraud!” cried Candy, her facts all wrong, and echo of MSM answered fraud;

But one scornful look from Obama and the blind followers were awed.

They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his distorted facts strain,

And they knew that Obama wouldn’t let that debate go by again.

The sneer is great from Obama’s lip, his teeth are clenched in hate;

He pounds with cruel violence his fist and his lies he does restate.

And now Romney holds the truth and the public, and now out to vote they go,

And now the myth of Obama  is shattered by an economy that is slow.

Oh everywhere in this favored nation the sun is shining bright;

The jobs are returning everywhere, and everywhere hearts are light,

And everywhere people are prosperous, and everywhere Democrats pout;

For  there is no joy in the welfare office – mighty Obama has struck out.


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2 responses to “Mighty Obama at Debate

  1. Meryn

    I was really hoping to find a softer side of Conservatism here. I can’t seem to find that wherever I look. I also can’t understand how you can call yourself a New Ager and harbor so much anger? Completely hypocritical, as is most of the right… New Age = Love

    • It’s not hypocritical at all, and I’m sorry you feel that way.

      New Age belief does not encourage or require that I turn off my brain or reason…and reason has a way of getting outraged when confronted with policies and actions that hurt others–you see it in the actions of Christ whipping the money changers, of Krishna telling Arjuna to slaughter his unjust relatives, in Lao Tzu talking about war needing to be conducted with the aim of peace, and in the actions and words of numerous other saints and enlightened beings in religions all over the world.

      Yes New Age belief does believe in unqualified love of the soul…but not of the actions of the ego which hurts that soul. Those actions and the ideas that create them must be challenged both in ones own soul, one’s mind, and outside in the physical worlds. I cannot love the soul, and support the left which hinders the growth of the soul. And I cannot say obsequious appearance of concern for someone in the transitory moment is love, even thought the left tries to say it is. Love is caring for the true nature of the person, which is the soul and the soul’s journey to enlightenment.

      May I ask you what you would consider “the softer side of Conservatism?”

      If you’re repeating the liberal line about social conservatism, you’ll find none of that here. Social conservatism is simply liberal desire to control others by another name. As for my unwavering defense of capitalism and liberty, which parallel the New Age belief in free will, my support of charity over welfare, which parallel’s the New Age belief in spiritual growth…any moving from these points (other than in terms of practical compromise) to appear “softer” is to give into the manifestations of the ego in the physical world. I can’t be true to my beliefs in the New Age and not support them, defend them, and advocate for them. Yes I’m a little overzealous, (if you’re a New Ager you know it’s a habit of Indigoes to be passionate in the extreme)…but is there anything wrong in zeal for what is right and true?

      Also, you picked an odd post to comment on since this is humorous not angry…

      But I would like to challenge your comment of “Completely hypocritical, as is most of the right…”
      New Age belief believes in the free will. To support the leftist belief in government over the individual, entitlement over personal charity, control over choice…that would be hypocritical to support.
      New Age belief believes that life is spiritual journey of learning. To support the left’s call for over-regulation that seeks to keep people from making mistakes takes away the ability to learn…that would be hypocritical of me to support.
      New Age believes that every soul must make it to enlightenment on its own…thus the left’s call to force equality holds back individuals, and thus retards the day when all will make it to enlightenment…that would be hypocritical of me to support.
      New Age belief believes in the quality of life, not the quantity…the left’s concern with income redistribution and entitlements of physical things places the focus on life on the wrong thing…that would be hypocritical of me to support.

      Almost every point of the left in economic and foreign policy is opposed the principles of New Age belief. And every belief of the left on social policy takes the correct idea to an illogical extreme. (I disagree with the social conservatism…but if you actually read a bit of my blog you would see that there are more than enough articles opposing that).

      Is the right perfect. Nope. But it supports the individual. It supports choice and freedom and liberty. It supports my ability to grown and learn and develop. These are the bedrock principles of New Age belief as I understand them.

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