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Weekly Meditation: Regaining energy continued

Now over the last three weeks we’ve talked about how to keep and gain spiritual energy.  This energy of the soul is what keep us optimistic, happy and on the path to enlightenment.

However, it’s utterly useless if you don’t keep the physical aspect up as well.  The fact is that while we are souls, we are soul within physical bodies…and as long as we are attached to those bodies both the soul and body need to work in tandem (actually the soul the mind and the body need to work together…want to guess what I’m going to cover next week?) .

And I don’t just mean exercise…although that is extremely important.  We all know that once we start sweating we feel great for hours on end. That much I don’t even need to justify. Even if you don’t have a gym, push-ups, sit-up, jumping jacks and other things can be done at home.

But what I mean by physical is your interaction with the world.  You need to do something every day that makes you feel happy.  Spend some time with friends, spend some time in nature–every day.  Not as a route behavior, not to take up time…but to actually enjoy it.  Do something you enjoy and do it every day.  If you gather all this spiritual energy and don’t actually engage life, it’s all for naught (unless you want to be an ascetic in forest).

The holiday season is almost upon us.  So is cold and flu season.  And if you’re political at all the next three weeks are going to be hell on Earth on your nerves.  Don’t forget to take time every day to enjoy the physical side of life, either through interaction with others or through physical work…just get out of your head for a a while….otherwise it’s going to drain you of all your physical energy.


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