Liberals engage in voter fraud often and we need Voter ID to stop it

As good fortune had it, Puggy arrived on Election Day. He’d been on the street for less than an hour when a white van pulled up next to him. The driver, an older man, said something in Spanish and showed him a ten-dollar bill. Puggy, assuming the man wanted a blow job, said “Not interested.” The man immediately switched to English and explained that all Puggy had to do, for the ten, was vote.

“I’m not from here,” said Puggy.

“No problem,” said the man.

So Puggy got into the van. En route to the polling place, the older man picked up seven other voters, all men, some quite aromatic. At the polling place, they all walked right inside and the man told them what to do. The poll workers did not seem to have any problem with this.

When it was Puggy’s turn to vote, he gave his name, per instructions, as Albert Green, which he spelled “Allbert Gren.” The real Albert Green was a person who had died in 1991 but still voted often in Miami. Puggy cast Mr. Green’s ballot for a mayoral candidate named Carlos somebody, then went outside and collected his ten, which looked like a million dollars in his hand.

Puggy had never voted for anything before, but on that magical day, riding around in the white van, he voted in the Miami mayoral election four times at four different polling places. He got ten dollars each for the first three times, but the fourth time, the van man said the price was now five, and Puggy said OK. He felt he had already gotten a lot from the city of Miami, and he didn’t mind giving something back.

—Dave Barry, Big Trouble*

Liberals are whining about Voter ID laws lately and this is only going to get worse.

Why?  Because as they slip further and further out of power (as it appears they are really doing at this point ) then that’s all they’ll have to get to stay in power…after all this is the party that engaged in voter fraud right in the middle of its convention when corrupt L.A. mayor Villaraigosa called an overwhelming nay vote a yay vote (now some Republicans have unfairly hit the Democrats saying they were voting against putting God into the platform…this is untrue, they were voting against recognizing the capital of Israel because the Democratic party is clearly made up of anti-Semites).

Democratic cheating is a time honored tradition.  From Jim Crow laws to Joe Kennedy buying the election for his son, Democrats believe that you should vote early, vote often, and keep voting after you die.

However, despite the voter fraud and intimidation actions of ACORN and the New Black Panthers (both ignored by Eric

Attorney General and all around piece of scum Eric Holder’s bestest best friends, the New Black Panthers, caught on tape engaging in voter intimidation. Yes that’s him holding a pipe in his hands right in front of a polling place.  Holder treated this like he treats all real illegal actions, he did nothing…after all there were cartel to arm, potheads to prosecute, and constitutions to be shredded.

Holder), Democrats make silly claims like “Voter fraud doesn’t really occur.”

Okay let’s put that to the test.

A NAACP member in Mississippi was convicted of casting a dead person’s ballot. 

A Democratic candidate in Maryland had to withdraw from the race because it was shown she engaged in voter fraud.

A Democrat in Arkansas plead guilty to voter fraud.

Voter fraud in New York and Florida has already been discovered with absentee ballots. 

A ballot measure that will allow the inherently biased-toward-the-left open primaries in Arizona is believed to be on the ballot only because of voter fraud. 

Even NPR admits that right now there is just short of 2 million dead people on the voter rolls.

You can get another person’s ballot without any effort

The SEIU was involved in voter fraud in the Wisconsin recall.


Also it appears California union members voted in the Wisconsin elections.

And there was major voting fraud in Pennsylvania. 

And that’s just stuff from this year.

It doesn’t take much effort to find recent cases of voter fraud in 46 states. 

And this is ignoring a history of voter fraud throughout the country.


Then you have California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez…she won the seat by 928 votes…a Congressional committee without really trying found 748 of those votes were cast by illegal immigrants (am I the only person who thinks finding over 700 illegal votes in one congressional district on only a cursory look is something that should have received national attention and calls for strict Voter ID laws from the federal level)…but in true liberal fashion that shouldn’t be enough to call the whole election into question

And being bluntly honest, if not for voter fraud, Al Franken would not be in the U.S. Senate.  (Just typing that sentence makes me sick.  That dimwitted hack should never have been allowed near any representative body.)

The fact of the matter is that cases of voter fraud are hard to find proof of and harder to convict on…so if you can find as many cases as are just shown here…then you guarantee there are a lot more.

So the fact is that there is voter fraud going on…to what degree it’s hard to tell.  But given the flexible way the DNC handled voice votes, the flexible way liberals historically deal with truth, the flexible morals of groups like ACORN, and the money that people like Soros ship to such groups it’s possible   And keep in mind this is the party that pays people to protest and ignored the heinous crimes of Occupy because it furthers their cause…is paying people to vote all that much further?

So how do we fix this?  Now the easiest way would be to end the secret ballot and tie every ballot to a name…it would be very easy to determine if your ballot was tampered with or submitted by someone who wasn’t you.  But this cure would be worse than the disease as it will lead to kind of voter intimidation that we fear card check brings with union votes.  I bring this up only because some well meaning but short sighted people on the internet were suggesting this as a cure for the voter fraud problem.

So the next most likely solution is Voter ID.

Voter ID is actually the only other way, besides getting rid of the secret ballot, to solve the election fraud problem because there is no other way to check for fraud.  (I mean guess we could come up with punishment so horrible and so Draconian that even the most corrupt would be afraid to even try…but I, like the rest of the civilized world, am firmly against making people listen to Obama speeches put on an endless loop as this violates the most basic and fundamental human rights).  Without some kind of basic check that you’re who you say you are there is absolutely no way to stop people from voting as other people.

(Now actually I think the voter rolls should be cleared out every few years and everyone needs to re-register every two years, which would help reduce the number of voters who have moved to a new state along with the dead and inactive…and while that would be effective to vastly reduce the opportunity for fraud, liberals will throw all the same arguments against it that they do against voter ID so there is no particular reason we should view them separately.**)

Why is voter ID effective?  Because it’s much harder to fake an ID than it is to say you’re such and such at this or that address (which is almost always in the public record).  It’s easy to get hold of this information in mass numbers.  It’s unbelievably hard to fake the number of ID’s it would take to swing a vote in a state with voter ID…to the point that I would say that it is not even remotely cost effective (not to mention that it increases the number of people in the criminal venture exponentially and leaves a far greater paper and evidence trail).  Voter ID laws won’t necessarily stop all Voter fraud, but what they will do is make it so that it becomes virtually unthinkable to try and sway an election through fraud without being easily caught in the attempt.

But liberals make all these silly arguments.  “It’s really hard.”  WTF?  Almost every teenager I know has an ID by the time they’re 15 (and as a High School English teacher, I know a quite a few teenagers)…if a teenager who can’t drive, can manage this, really how hard can it be?   “It costs too much money and therefore it’s a poll tax!”  Okay first of all, how exactly do you go through life without an ID?  I personally don’t get it.  There are so many things you need an ID to do, I don’t see how it doesn’t cost you more to not get an ID.  But ignoring that, I know of no state that has Voter ID laws that doesn’t have a corresponding system that allows for low income citizens to get free ID’s.  There–problem solved.  Will you have to fill out some extra paper work?  Yes.  But guess what, voting shouldn’t be easy, anything easy is not treated as valuable…and I find the right to determine the fate of my nation a fairly valuable thing.  “It’s not constitutional.” Yes, yes it is.  Please read Crawford v. Marion County Election Boardwhere the Supreme Court even said it’s constitutional***.  “It’s racist.”  Um…it’s only hurting minorities if they were incapable of going to fill out paperwork on their own, most conservatives don’t believe this****, it’s the liberals who seem to think this will stop minorities from voting (I guess because they think minorities are too stupid to get ID’s).

Look, let me speak on behalf of the most conservatives here, we don’t want to stop any ethnic group from voting, we want to stop liberals from stealing elections via illegal ballots being cast.  We don’t think minorities are the problem, we think liberals are.

But let’s say fact and reason don’t hold any sway for you and you still say that voting is a constitutional right and that ID laws are a violation of that right. Then let me try this thought experiment. Voting and owning a gun are both constitutional rights. Both have the power to protect my life if used well or ruin the lives of myself and others if used in- appropriately. In the hands of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing both can lead to unspeakable harm and evil.  In the hands of informed citizens both are a strong bulwark against tyranny and bad government.  Liberals would scream bloody murder if I said I shouldn’t have to show an ID to buy a gun, and I agree with them, I do believe you should have to show ID for a gun.  It’s too dangerous to sell without some kind of ID check.  You should have to show ID to get a gun even though it’s a constitutional right.

Yet these same liberals scream bloody murder if I say you should have to show an ID to vote.  It doesn’t follow.  If you are willing to say one requires an ID then you can’t say that you can’t require an ID for another because “it’s a constitutional right.”  Especially because, let’s be honest here, in the wrong hands a gun is only dangerous as long as it holds bullets and can only harm a limited amount of people (it might be a tragedy but it’s a limited one).  A vote, and especially a rigged election, can harm thousands, millions…and if it is any office with power of foreign policy, billions.  Tell me again why guns are so important that we need to check ID but that voting isn’t?

Voter fraud is real.  ID check is the single greatest way to counter it.  There are no legitimate arguments against. It needs to be implemented in all 50 states.

*It may be a fictional representation, but it’s a representation of what actually goes on.

**While arguments could be made that better and more informed voting would occur if we raised the voting age again (maybe to 30…I know very few people in their 20’s mature enough to be allowed to decide the fate of the nation…if you want to have a specific exception for soldier, fine, but this blanket 18-year-old shit is easily the one of the dumbest Amendments in the whole Constitution.

***Yes, I have said on numerous cases the Supreme Court has not made the right call.  I don’t however claim that just because the court is wrong that their mentally challenged ruling doesn’t have the force of law.  And so even if you disagree with Crawford it’s the law.

****I say most because there are pieces of shit in every party.  The main difference is that the Republican Party has some fringe elements (we’re trying to deport them to the libertarians as quickly as we can)…the Democratic Party through welfare, affirmative action, resistance to education reform, etc., supports racism as a major plank of the party platform.

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