Weekly Meditation: Dispelling Negativity

So I’m going to assume regular readers of this blog pay attention to both the political and spiritual side of things.  And if you pay attention to the political then you may have noticed that this election cycle is a little bloodier than usual (or at least it seems to be to me).  And I don’t mean between the candidates, I mean between their supporters.  The fact of the matter is that if you have acquaintances on the other side of the isle, there is probably some pretty bad blood stirring right now.  (I say acquaintances and not friends, because friends can say things you disagree 110% with and you’ll still love them as friends, when acquaintances say stupid batshit crazy things you probably have the urge to slap the stupidity out of them.)  Every day we’re surrounded by idiots and, sadly, the odds of a pandemic that strikes only stupid people seem rather low.


So really the best advice for dealing with people who infuriate you is nothing original:  Try to avoid them.  Overly unhappy, negative and stupid people are black holes of unlucky accidents and disastrous outcomes (the Law of Attraction works both ways and those people who want to dwell on the negative bring misfortune and sorrow to themselves).  Avoid them.  Delete them from Facebook.  Don’t sit with them in the breakroom at lunch.  Avoid having conversations with them—politely if possible, but bluntly tell them you have more important things to do if necessary.


But avoiding the unhappy and unlucky isn’t so much a meditation as it is just a habit of positive living.  The mediation comes in with realizing that people have not only contact with you on the physical plane but also the spiritual ones.


There are variations of this idea in numerous belief systems, but New Agers believe that we have numerous bands of energy connecting us both to God, our guardian angels and spirit guides, and all the people around us.  In a healthy relationship between two people these cords function as a source of energy for both people, each one giving and receiving energy like a circuit that operates off alternating current…and in the healthiest relationship this positive force of spiritual energy develops a feedback constantly increasing the amount of energy.


However there are a lot of these etheric cords that are not so positive.  A lot of times we will develop relationships where we draw energy from others, without giving it back, or we have it taken from us.  Neither of these are healthy and both in the long run leads to our souls being disconnected from others in any meaningful way and thus drained.*


We form these cords that take energy when we feel like being negative to the point that we must spread our negativity.  When we bitch to our co-workers in such a way not to commiserate but to make ourselves and our problems the center of attention.  When we demand a shoulder to lean on, but don’t reciprocate when our friends need it.   When we act with an urge that if I must suffer so should you.  And if we are not careful we are the victim to these actions when others act in this way, forming psychic bonds that continue to drain us long after the event itself is over.

So this week I want you to start thinking about these cords.
This week we will start cutting the cords we don’t need; the cords where others are draining us of energy and the cords where we are draining others of energy.


Sitting quietly in lotus position (or as close as you can get) this will be easiest if you envision yourself in a black room alone by yourself.  Now envision the cords that connect you to everyone you know.  If you need to envision a specific point on your body that these cords are tied to, see them as being tied around your spinal column (the line of energy that connects your chakras).


Then seeing them you may notice that some are brighter than others and some darker.  It is these darker ones we need to get rid of.  You can cut them yourself in your mind but I think this is one of those times when it is helpful to call on God or an angel or ascended master.  For a job like this of dispelling and removing negativity I would recommend the Archangel Michael or the goddess Kali.


Let us start with the cords with which you’re draining others of energy (it would be hypocritical to cut others off before you stop draining others).

Say or think:

Archangel Michael (or whoever you feel comfortable calling on) I ask for your help in cutting all etheric cords where I am draining others of energy, what I did was out of thoughtless habit and not out of desire to hurt.  As we cut these cords please send my apologies to those whom I have taken energy from.  If they are open to it please connect this cord back to the source that is God** that they may replenish anything I have taken from them. 


Now take a moment to feel what it is like to have these cords off of you.  (Even though it was taking energy you should feel a little clearer and calmer…like the difference between energy from rest and energy from caffeine.)


Now time to cut the remaining negative cords.  Say or think.

Archangel Michael, I ask for your help in cutting all etheric cords that are draining me of energy.  As each one is cut please help send my forgiveness to anyone who felt they needed to take energy from me.  Please connect these cords back to their source that is God that I may be replenished and filled with the divine love that is always open to me. 


And again take a moment to feel the difference.  Hopefully you do.


Repeat this every day, not because the cords will come back on their own, but because we and other people have gotten into the habit of forming them.  Try to use each day’s events to help you learn what (and who) is causing them to form and if you can cut even as they form.



*I know this is making the soul sound like a battery, which is not my intent, but our thoughts and feeling do create changes which affect our souls and these changes can best be described with the metaphor of a battery and electricity.  When we are happy, full of love and positive it is as we are charged with lots of energy…and when we are depressed, fearful and negative it is as if our battery is empty.  Unlike electricity there is no limit to how much we can hold, and our own thoughts can generate it out of nothing by mere choice (or we can tap into the infinite reserve that is God) but habit of being in this world makes us act in a more give and take way, treating it as a limited resource that must be taken from or given to others rather than creating it within ourselves.

**One of the few things angels can’t do is violate our free will…which is often why we don’t get their help.  We forget to ask and give them permission to help and thus they can’t do much to help us.




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3 responses to “Weekly Meditation: Dispelling Negativity

  1. Mindy

    Beautifully written. Thank you.

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