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  1. rswillf

    oh, after that tirade against “it’s not fair”, now you post a video whose basic argument is “it’s not fair”. You’re a clown.

    • I think you missed the point of the video

      • rswillf

        sure. 04:49. “half of the country pays no income tax at all, that’s not fair. In fact, that’s absurd”. That’s the whole point of his “grocery line” example.

        So “it’s not fair” is a good argument when it comes from your friends and it’s just whining when it comes from democrats, right? You’re a clown.

        And even intellectuals like Rawls consider ok to increase inequality if this benefits those who are worst off. So the first “envy” example simply fails: it’s better to accept the 200K even if the others get 500K. It has nothing to do with “progressives”.

        And take a look at the list of countries that apply a flat income tax. Like Bolivia of socialist Evo Morales, or most ex-soviet (or ex-Comecon as Albania, Mongolia, Hungary, …) countries, or Saudi Arabia. There’s no major economy there, except Russia. I’m starting to think you’re a closet-socialist. This socialist-fobia, the fact that you see socialists everywhere, always ready to abuse you, is just the fear you have to meet the real Cris.

        • Oh my silly little troll,

          the line you quoted there was meant to be ironic. You are familiar with the concept? He was making fun of those who whine about fairness. The body of his argument is based on arguments of ethics and justice, not fairness, that line was thrown in merely as a dig to those who advocate the system he’s tearing apart.

          A. Government should never be out to create or destroy equality or inequality in the economy, it’s not there to pick winners or losers, so why you’re quoting Rawls I’m not sure…B. The 200K and 500K example had nothing to do with whether it benefits people it had to do with the attitude of “if I can’t have it, you can’t have it either”, the attitude of envy, the attitude of progressives…how did you miss the point of that parable?

          I like how you cherry picked your examples of flat taxes for only countries with flat taxes and few other guarantees of a capitalistic system–24 countries and jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Iceland, the Czech Republic, and Jersey now have flat taxes. The tax system alone isn’t a guarantee of economic prosperity, and no one has claimed it is, but heavily progressive taxes can be destructive, especially when they’re based on envy not economics (like Obama saying that we should tax the rich to pay their fair share even though he has said raising taxes on the rich will hurt the economy).

          And I’ll let your “I’m starting to think you’re a closet-socialist.” speak for itself to your intellectual depth.

  2. rswillf

    Where’s the irony in criticizing something you disagree with and then saying “that’s not fair. In fact, that’s absurd”. You must have a very twisted sense of irony, or looking for excuses, as usual.

    Who says “if I can’t have it you, you can’t have it either”? (I’ll ignore your spelling mistake).
    Nobody says that. Otherwise give me an exact quote. It’s the usual straw-man, and that’s not at all what a progressive tax system does. Attributing that to “progressives” (whatever it means) is simply a non sequitur.

    I didn’t cherry-pick the list, URSS-influenced countries make up a good part of that list (Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, South Ossetia, Slovakia, Latvia, …). Even the Czech Republic. And in any case, there’s no major economy there except Russia. As usual you’re dreaming of a world that doesn’t exist. And there’s a reason why most countries don’t do that. But please Cris, tell us how you really feel about all these socialists around you. That’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? It gives you something to shout about, it makes you feel like a real man, fighting the good fight …

    • My silly little troll,

      I’d try and explain irony to you, but I’m afraid you won’t ever get it. Who has the mentality of envy of “if I can’t have it, you shouldn’t either”, well there was my example of Obama wanting to do something he has said will hurt the economy (that is a quote everyone who has been watching the news has heard a dozen times at least, I’m sorry if you want to just ignore reality), much of the rhetoric of the Occupy movement, and I think numerous smaller examples of anyone who has ever studied human behavior. Again, like irony, if I have try and explain self-evident ideas and facts, I don’t think you’re going to get it.

      Okay so a lot of bad economies have a flat tax, some good economies have a flat tax too. Just being flat is not the only issues, there is the rate itself (higher in most of the countries you list), lower in successful economies, there is whether property rights are enforced, the level of corruption and a dozen other issues of the laws of capitalism. You complain that I reduce things to simple issues, but that is the sin you’re committing here. A low flat tax would be more help to America right now, but so would a lot of other things…but Whittle’s main point was more the ethics of the issue (the issue here being should we raise taxes on the rich despite the fact that it will hurt the economy just out of spite), his argument is that progressive tax rates are unethical.

      I don’t know about “feeling like a real man” as you put it, I’m not so machismo in my attitude as you appear to be, but amongst the many things I do in life, yes sharing ideas and knowledge does offer me a sense of fulfillment and contentment…should I feel ashamed for advocating my beliefs? I’m sorry you’re immune to reason and just want to rant. I’m sorry that you feel defending economic freedom is somehow foolish, to me it seems obvious, of the 184 countries listed by Heritage foundation only 28 are listed as free or mostly free (http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking). That’s disturbing to me, I’m sorry you’re fine with it. The fact that the amount of economic freedom in America has been on steady decline for the last couple of decades disturbs me, I’m sorry if it doesn’t disturb you. I refer to this trend as socialism, and it’s a trend that can be seen all over the world, to deny it is silly and to make fun of those who see it as a problem is naive at best. And I’ll admit the decline has been slight in the US, not so slight in other places, but it exists, and the nature of history is that small slight things have a very bad tendency of becoming not so slight when they’re ignored. I believe in freedom, it is the highest political virtue in my mind, and I believe in defending it. I couldn’t pass the physicals to get into the military so my avenues of advocating and defending of liberty are limited to voting and monetary support of those politicians and organization that feel enough to push for liberty (which I do), teaching others to think for themselves (my day job), and using my voice and words to help convince others. The fact that I do everything in my power to advocate for what I believe in, seems to deeply offend you, I’m sorry you feel that way and I’m sorry I can’t transfer my passion to you through my words…but quite frankly I don’t care if you agree with me or not. You have never once given a single fact to even remotely suggest that I am wrong. I respond to you not to defend myself against you, because your arguments are shallow and silly, but to show others that arguments like yours are vapid. You seem to think I care what you think, I don’t. Maybe if you had legitimate arguments I might, but you don’t and if you disappeared, it wouldn’t effect my life in the slightest. If this offends you, don’t read this blog.

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