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Charlotte Web of Lies Day Three Part II: The Also Rans

Well that whole third day was kind of pointless.

Biden and Kerry gave speeches so boring, so pointless, and so inept at hiding their lies they’re not even worth mocking.

Then there was this which needs almost no comment…Watch Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm have a complete meltdown

I’m sure this rallied the base…but it’s a little scary to anyone who is sane and knowledgeable and knows she’s just making this shit up.

It seems everything was toned down so that Obama’s phoned-in speech would seem quite a humiliating as it really was.

It’s cute how they tried chanting USA USA…did you notice how the crowd couldn’t get it right at first, it was really a foreign concept to them.

And then there was this not to subtle insult by Cardinal Dolan…

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