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Ramblings of Conservative Cathy: Nothing wrong with America

There is a concept/idea out there that there is something wrong with being proud of America. I am often confused by this. I would like any one to name just one country, culture or civilization, which has not made mistakes. I think the involvement of humans makes that inevitable.

My question to those who find it so contemptible to honor America is to also name one country, culture or civilization who has brought so much improvement to every other country in the world as America has done through its free market/ capitalistic approach to economics and God-granted inherent freedom approach to civilization.

American culture/beliefs are the reason there is a middle class for politicians to discuss. Although I can agree with distaste to many of the results of our interventions, I think most often the intent was correct/moral just not the follow through.

You can always critique anything and everything but for true progress and improvement you must build on the good and promote the good, correct and learn from the mistakes but never dwell on them.

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