Todd “Idiot” Akin not dropping out…yet

So the latest news is that moron’s moron Todd Akin is not dropping out.


Hello, I’m an idiot.

I use the word yet because I plan on using some time today today to make sure this idiot knows what a worthless piece of shit he is.  How?

Here are his campaign and Congressional Office Numbers

Campaign Office
(636) 207-7986
DC Office
Phone: (202) 225-2561
St. Louis Office
St. Charles Office

All Republicans and conservatives should clog of up this jackass’ phones.

Demand this man resign.  Demand he drop out of the race.  Demand that the person answering the phone hang up and immediately quit.

Now.  I would recommend that without threatening, you be as angry, as insulting, and as berating to whoever answers the phone.  You might claim that this would be unfair as it’s not the fault of the person answering…but keep in mind they haven’t resigned yet, which means, right now, they’re throwing in with Mr. “legitimate rape”…and until they quit they aren’t getting the benefit of the doubt from me.  The goal here is not only to clog up his phones but to push as many of staff to just quit.  If they refuse to quit, if they insist on backing this idiot, then please feel free to make it your goal to make them cry.
Now maybe you don’t have it in you to be abusive to the dipshits who are supporting Akin, okay, I get that.  But if you are a conservative or Republican you do have a moral obligation to still call and demand he drop out of the race.

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