Does it seem like every time we turn around, another member of the Republican Party seems to make a fool or him or herself? Or is that just my opinion? The amount of gaffes is causing me to lose much respect for the good ol’ GOP. Anyways, the latest gaffe occurred yesterday and came from the mouth of Senate Candidate Todd Akin, who claimed that women who are “legitimately raped” most often don’t get pregnant.


I find two primary things I find wrong with this statement. Number one: isn’t every rape a “legitimate” rape? Just the phrase “legitimate rape” is ridiculous, and I can’t imagine a woman ever shouting “legitimate rape,” or claiming she was “legitimately raped.” Number two: has the man EVER taken a biology class? A woman’s body doesn’t just shut down, as he thinks, when being raped. That even sounds like nonsense, but it seems like…

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