Tax Returns, Rich Liberals, Stupidity and Hypocrisy

This thing about Romney’s tax returns is stupid, and I’m just tired of it. 

You have to consider a couple of things to start out with.  (1) It’s not like Obama’s White House and IRS don’t have access to those returns and (2) the IRS under Obama has been more than willing to harass Romney supporter as shown here and here (3) if there was anything damning in them don’t you think Obama would have already leaked that (after all if highest level classified national security information can be leaked to the New York Times to get reelected do you really think Obama draws the moral line at leaking his opponent’s tax information?).  Also given that people are upset about things like offshore accounts (which are actually good for growing and American economic growth) and the fact that Romney only pays about 15% on his income (because it’s pretty much all capital gains income which is taxed at a much lower rate than other income because if it wasn’t you would see the collapse of what is left of the American economy) it is clear that ignorant people are very agitated by the intricacies of finance when they have no understanding of what is going on…thus releasing even more financial information will allow liberals to make ethical, legal, and smart financial choices sound like unethical, illegal and stupid financial moves (like giving money to your cronies at Solyndra…oh wait that wasn’t Mitt). 

This then of course brings up a discussion of how the rich need to pay their “fair share.”  Let’s just ignore that 47% of the nation isn’t paying anything (is that fair?) or that the top 10% earn about 45% of the income but pay 70% of the taxes (yeah that sounds fair).  And Mitt only pays 15% of his income to the government, that’s not fair (of course he already paid taxes on when Bain earned the money and paid a corporate tax on it, then Romney paid taxes on the money Bain paid him, which he then invested in companies who paid their own taxes on the money they earned, and then Mitt paid his 15% on the income he earned from that investment.  Oh, and the US has the highest corporate tax rate of any nation ( …so it’s not like he hasn’t paid and paid and paid taxes on that income.  Yep he hasn’t paid his fair share.  Now there are other reasons that Mitt hasn’t paid income taxes in a while…like the fact that he didn’t take a salary as head of the Olympics or as Governor of Massachusetts–when you don’t earn anything you don’t pay taxes.  And of course this all ignores the fact that this is a man who gave away his entire inheritance to charity and gives about 15% every year to charity (some bigots will decry the fact that a large portion of that goes to the Mormon church, but even if you had theological issues with the church , you’d be a damn fool to say they are not in the business of numerous aid programs).

But liberals just dismiss this because (A) “he’s not paying his fair share” (still waiting to hear what percentage that is) and (B) it’s not to the charities they like. 

And this leads to an odd habit I’ve noticed among rich liberals.  They bitch and moan and whine about how we don’t support Planned Parenthood, or NPR, or PBS, or the arts or this or that project or organization enough.

Now as far as I know, and I haven’t verified every picture on this, but except for Mitt I think everyone in this picture is liberal…and as far as I know only a 4 or 5 give significant sums to charity (only a couple do it without seeking public praise for thier charity)…so the question is that if most of the these liberals feel that more money should be spent on the poor and thier pet projects, why don’t they put thier money where their mouth is?

Oddly enough these are often the same rich liberals who say that they aren’t being taxed enough.  (Let’s ignore for the moment you can just not take deductions and pay the full rate or you can give more than the minimum to government…and yet they’re taking deductions and not just giving money by the bushel load to the feds  (follow the link, it goes straight to where you can just give money to the Treasury Dept…I’m going to wager right now no one is going to give a dime).   That the rich should be taxed at much higher rate (one assumes to pay for all these pet projects they want funded).

Hmmm….rich people say the government is taking enough of their money AND they’re saying the government should give more to their pet projects…hmmmmm….


Am I the only one who thinks that they could just cut out the middle man and give more to all these things they say needs funding.  Just cut a check, and don’t worry about the government.

But, some whiny liberal will say, there are more rich Republicans.  But that’s not really true, it’s a bit more divided fairly evenly and statistics suggests it may be slightly biased to the left (performers are statistically more liberal and entertainment makes people very rich very quickly).  Also it might be helpful to take into account that Obama has raised 181 Million from large contributors and Romney has raised only 121 Million from large contributors (a 3:2 advantage for the left ) so while not a perfect way to calculate it (if nothing else Romney had months of fundraising that he had to share with Ricky and Newt that Obama could just rake in the dough) but there is still the fact is that there are still a lot of rich liberals .

Then of course the rich liberals will complain that it’s not enough if they do it, they need the money of ALL the rich to make an effort…apparently these people are forgetting what the overhead of the government is between numerous departments, lost interest on the money, corruption, waste, idiocy, Michelle’s vacations, trust me giving straight to the charity is far, far more efficient (or did we forget how much money the GSA is spending?) .

Now if liberals don’t want to spend their money that’s their right and I support it.  I believe in the virtue of charity, but I also believe that different people have different things to learn in different life times and the virtue of charity, while admirable in most cases (it’s not as if it’s done merely for good press…like, say, you say you’re going to give all your money away when you die, but you spend your days trying to avoid paying back taxes…Warren Buffet I mean you), but it is not the only virtue and I can see some spiritual lessons may require for not giving out money…and I’m not going to judge who is in what category.  But I will judge hypocrisy.  And if you claim more of your money should be taken for the public good, but don’t spend it on the public good when it is fully in your power to do so, you are a gutless, virtueless, hypocritical piece of filth.  I believe it also goes by the title DNC donor. 

The fact of the matter is that liberals don’t care about Romney’s tax records.  The bright ones know there is nothing untoward in there, they want a piece of propaganda to rile the more ignorant in their base.*  They don’t care about fair share or helping others because if they did they would put their money where their mouths are with or without the government’s help. 

*I’m not claiming there aren’t ignorant people on the right, there are, they were known as Santorum supporters…but his loss shows they’re not in the majority.


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3 responses to “Tax Returns, Rich Liberals, Stupidity and Hypocrisy

  1. Joe

    It’s comforting to know that the intelligent American populace is not alone, when constantly surrounded by the hypocrisy and unjustified fabrications of the left.

    I am with you, 100%, in what is clearly a constant battle against an argument that is entirely devoid of logic. I take this tax record strategy with a grain of salt, however, considering the fact that Obama supporters typically don’t have a clue.

    Love the site, love the article. Keep up the good work, Brother.

  2. they don’t get billions in tax subsidies and tax breaks for outsourcing jobs to Asia. they also don’t buy politicians to screw over working people. they also pay higher taxes than bankers and stock brokers because they had to do a job to get paid. NO CAPITAL GAINS RATE for those who work for their living if anything capital gains should be 50% and working class taxes should be 15% so sick of you America hating conservatives

    • Ignoring the slightly stream of consciousness nature to your post (so if I skip something sorry)…
      I can only assume by “they” you mean the working class. Actually the lower and middle class do get a lot of tax deductions, yes the upper classes take advantage of far more of them, but to say that the middle class doesn’t have tax subsidies is silly. Now if you’re so concerned about the injustice of the nature of loopholes and deductions which rig the tax system…may I suggest you support Romney/Ryan who plan to eliminate almost all of those deductions on the upper tax brackets and remove some of them for the middle class while lowering EVERYONE’s tax rate.

      There is no “tax break” for moving business overseas in the sense you mean it (i.e. as a deduction). Taxes overseas are lower in many countries which makes them more attractive to businesses. If another country offers a more attractive business environment it would be foolish to not take advantage of it. What America should do is create a more attractive work environment (i.e. right to work laws, lower corporate taxes with fewer loopholes, less intrusive regulation that rigs the system, fewer barriers to international and interstate trade…again you would be best to vote Romney/Ryan).
      The group that contributes the most to campaigns to rig legislation in their favor in a way that short and long term hurts people the most has not been the wealthy or even big business, but rather the unions (especially the teacher’s unions who through protection of bad teachers ruin whole generations of student who lack of knowledge ripples through the economy in numerous destructive ways).
      If, as you suggest, capital gains were 50% then there would be no investment in America and every business would leave for overseas. I fail to see how that would be in America’s best interest. Further your suggestion is that people who pay invest and therefore have to pay capital gains don’t work…ummm most of them work very hard. Ignoring that most of the middle class now has 401k’s and will be paying capital gains on those investments when they take the money out, wealth that is invested had to be earned at some point (and had income taxes paid on it at that point, so you’re ignoring that the capital gains is double taxation on money you already earned)… just because executives more often do not engage in physical labor does not mean they are not earning their money. And yes I’m sure you can point out to me many examples of money that is inherited or gained through unethical means, but understand that is the minority of wealth in the nation or even the top 1% (you cannot go from a GDP of 2 Trillion to 15 Trillion in 30 years without the CREATION of wealth, which requires far more than just physical labor).

      As to your “America hating conservatives” comment. Conservatives love America. We want to see it grow and prosper. We want to see fewer and fewer people who are in poverty via people having the opportunity to take themselves out of it through work and innovation. We want to see everyone have a chance to find what makes them happy. Which is why we support the policies that have time and again been proven to work: small government, low taxes, personal charity, no few handouts. I don’t know enough about you to say you hate America or what America stands for, but I can say that from the few points you made, even if you love America, what you’re suggesting will hurt it.

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