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Weekly Meditation: Finding yourself in the silence part I

As we continue from last week in our attempt to weaken the ego’s hold on you I am reminded by another line from my favorite musician’s music:

“Don’t believe the things you tell yourself so late at

You are your own worst enemy, you’ll never win the fight.”–Ingrid Michaelson, “Parachute”

The ego whispers in your ear a thousand and one fears and insecurities and makes you believe that they are your fears and your insecurities.  It distracts you with a myriad of false desire to distract you from what you really want. It keep you from knowing how great you really are and focusing on what you really want.

And while we need to replace these false ideas that the ego is putting into your head with correct ones, we first need to ignore the ego. So this week we’re going back to the the old favorite of clearing your mind.  Five minutes, three times a day of thinking of nothing.  Lotus position if you can is the best as it allow for the spine to be straight and the breath to be deep.

Clear you mind.  It takes practice, and the ego will be trying to distract you, so no worries if a random thought intrudes.  Just keep trying to let your mind be blank.

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Ramblings of Conservative Cathy – What to do about these Liberals??


I recently got involved with twitter and it has been interesting/educational and fun to some extent.

When you are in the mood you can jump into a conversation and make a comment and then sometimes it will be cordial but often you are attacked. That part does not bother me so much but it is the caliber of the discussion/argument that I have issues with.

Now first before I discuss my problems with Libs let me first list my own shortcomings. I read things or hear things and only take away what I consider important and can never remember where I read it or heard it or which it actually was. Now I know that is a serious problem if debating someone but still I at least know some things (even if I don’t know how I know it), and I can always go and research for documentation if necessary. But generally when quoting a Republican or book written by a Conservative it is so well documented/referenced that you know that it is fairly accurate. I check out some and others that make sense to me or I already know about I don’t. So that delineates my shortcomings. Let me first reiterate that I do check things out – I only resend about 10% (maybe less) of the political emails/tweets I receive as they are not accurate or they are offensive in my opinion. Even conservatives have their morons.

And let me also add this, I talk with libs not to convert but to try and understand – I know, naïve of me, but it is the way I am

Now what I have learned about Liberals –
*They function on feeling (I know shocked right?).
*When they give you documentation it is a biased article or site that has no documentable facts or they only take the statements from an article they like and dismiss the rest of the article. Strange, when I at least like to look at the other side to know what I am fighting against.
* The arguments are circular and pointless
* They cannot see that they contradict themselves with their own ideas
* They cannot follow an idea to an end conclusion
* They do not seem to live in the real world
* They all seem to be victims and looking for the negative
* They need to be cared for
This one is offensive to me especially for women as I went through the women’s lib era and hate to see women now settle for not a man to take care of them but a government instead

*But most of all they do not seem to understand right/wrong and delve into good/bad based on a feeling. They seem unwilling or unable to determine right from wrong and good vs. evil. They want me to tell them how to determine right and wrong. They have no understanding of ethics or morals. They are unwilling to make a judgment and seem willing to relinquish themselves to majority rule/whims. This is the most shocking to me and I am ill equipped to respond to this. I stand on principles that I have arrived at through my whole life (although I must say I have always felt this way to one extent or another) To me right and wrong are generally inherent in oneself although you can discuss some gray areas.
It is always wrong for me to insist that people conduct themselves as I want and I am only concerned when it affects me personally in a harmful manner. This concept is beyond them. They want to control people based on majority beliefs at a particular time. Can they not see that right and wrong in the basic sense never changes.
For example you can discuss abortion and gay issues all day long but until it actually affects your life it should really not concern you. Now asking for me to pay with my tax dollars for an abortion is affecting me or teaching my children things in school that I find offensive is affecting me but otherwise it is a silly discussion for policy/government involvement. But I will always support someone’s right to choose for themselves as long as it does not involve me personally. You can have anything on TV or in movies as long as I can get my money back or am not forced to participate in watching it if it offends me but using my tax dollars to support it is wrong regardless of majority opinion (if it really exists).

This is how I determine these things as long as I am not forced to participate (and taxes are by force) then I do not care and you should not either – just don’t do it (whatever that is) that offends you.

But how is making me do something that I find offensive just because the majority have decided it is so right?
Obviously it is not. Government should not be in the business of making people conduct themselves in a certain way – only protecting them from people trying to harm them. Again I am ill equipped to explain it in a better term to make you understand if you don’t already. But that is what the original intent of the constitution was to protect the people from the majority and from the evil of government not to protect people in general or to control them to meet the majority viewpoint.

If given specific instances I can answer with my opinion as to what the right course is based on ethics/morals/constitution but I am unable to explain it beyond that.

So the point to my rant is how to I convey my logic/thought process to libs when obviously they do not use thought/logic/ethics or morals in determining their thought processes. Not sure they use thought at all as it seems they just group think.

So basically my rant is asking for help in conveying an idea that should be obvious to anyone who can think and see end results. How do you deal in specifics or general thought when it is all over the place?

Or do I concede that they do not think but feel and are not concerned with end results of their feelings?

How do I respond to a different type of thinking?

For example when someone tells me that Germany and all of the Norwegian countries are doing well with socialism – ignoring the fact that they have been reducing their social programs to deal with financial problems – how do I respond when they are oblivious and do not want to see actual facts?

I guess I must accept that ½ the country is incapable of logical thought process – that there is a end result to all actions and they must accept responsibility for that even when it was not what they intended.

Oh well I guess unless I want to have fun there is no point and I still will learn nothing about how they think/ or lack thereof.

Such is the current division of our country. Twitter is not meant for meaningful discussion – this I have learned.

Oh, and as a side note how did we go in women’s rights from not needing a man to take care of us to requiring the government to protect us???


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