How to use liberals against Barry…

Conservatives, don’t watch this video.  It’s liberal drivel.  Social equality, progressive taxes, blah blah liberal blah.

So why am I posting it?

Because it’s central point is that Barrack Obama is not liberal enough and needs to be defeated for the progressive agenda to succeed.

We all have liberal friends with whom any amount of pragmatism, arguments of ethics and virtue, fact and logic, anything we conservatives value, is not going to make a dent with the liberal in getting them to vote Romney.  But this might.

Share with all your liberal friends.  It might work.  But here’s the thing. You have to be honest about why your showing it.  You have to be honest that you don’t believe a word of this, because anything less than that full honesty makes it look like you’re trying to trick them, which you’re not really.  You’re just using all the tools at your disposal.

I posted it on Facebook with this message and you should have something similar when you share it:

To all my liberal friends: I’m not going to lie, I don’t believe a word of this…BUT, these are the values that many of you claim to support. And the fact of the matter is that he’s right, we have a mutual enemy. We have a single foe who will destroy the policy I want and destroy the policy you want. After January 20, we can go back to bashing each other verbally until we are bloody, but until then it might help to remember that he is opposed to what you want, and thus is your ideological enemy…and the enemy of your enemy is your friend. All I ask of my liberal friends is that you watch and give it a ponder.

Hell tell them about this blog.  Be as honest as you can.   If they don’t feel you’re trying to trick them, then all they will have to go with is rather good argument here that Barry doesn’t live up to their ideals.

Make him spend all his time to keep his base just to avoid a Mondale style loss.

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