Highlights from the week

An oddly dull week for news…a good portion of it is more or less recapping a lot of things we already know, but it still had some interesting did bits..

Dirty Sex & Politics looking at Patriotism, just in time for Memorial Day. 

I love Paul Krugman. He shows just how dumb liberal ideas are. Like seriously saying that we should fake an alien invasion to justify even MORE stimulus (because the only reason the last 2 trillion didn’t work is that it just wasn’t enough). Sane people, however, realize that when you have to pull out the plot of Watchmen to justify your idiot schemes that is generally a clue that the idea is idiotic.

The Obama Administration has declared war on the very concept of religion, luckily religion isn’t taking this lying down.

Thankfully someone is willing to point out that experience at Bain is exactly the kind of thing that prepares you for the presidency

News to warm the cockles of the heart: Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz worn out her welcome with Obama?

And in case you needed proof that Obama claiming to have spent less than other presidents was a pile of horseshit.

Or maybe you should have a look at how everybody but Obama and his fellow lovers of tyranny the world over think that cutting the military is a truly insane idea.

Romney on Education

…right on the heels of a more than justified law suit is filed against the teacher’s union to break their unethical and illegal power.

Even the libertarians at Reason understand business making profit is good for everybody.

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