Weekly Reading 5/18

There is simply too much information out there and not enough time to blog on it…so I’m going to try to get back into releasing a weekly list of the best articles you should take a look at

The truth about Romney, Bain Capital, and steel.
Vampire Capitalism? Please by Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ

JPMorgan proves we don’t need more regulation by David Harsanyi

Is Too Much Familiarity Bad For Creativity? By Sam McNerney
Apparently being over educated is actually bad for your brain…you know what conservatives have known for years about the useless intelligentsia.
Dirty Sex & Politics on What a Jackass Chuck Schumer is. Facebook Status: Screwed By Schumer

I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. To think that unions are a danger to American security. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Keep your personal opinions out of my bedroom. By the Snark Who Hunts Back
The Snark’s take on Obama’s less than thrilling stand on gay marriage.

How much taxes are paid by the poor, middle class and rich 
A helpful way to look at how the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Did you know that that the top 10% only pay 55% of taxes (this counts all taxes at all levels) the cheap bastards.

Arthur Brooks makes the case for the morality of capitalism. 

You know that surplus last month that liberals are all giddy about? Complete fiction. 

The libertarians are getting dumber and dumber…it’s sad really…they’re apparently so far gone by this point they’re arguing for a Mitt Romney/Ron Paul ticket. My personal favorite is where they go over the downsides of Ron in the #2 spot…but somehow forget to list “he’s a mentally unstable, anti-Semitic, isolantionsist, psychopath.”

FoxNews came out with w a poll this week that shows Obama up by 7 points.  Fun little fact, and why registered voter polls are worthless, if you compare it to the last FoxNews poll  you would actually find that Romney has had no statistically significant change in most of the demographics except two. His number among those 65 and older are up by 11 points and his numbers among those younger than 35 are down by 20 points. In other words, he’s doing better among the people who always vote and doing worse among the people who never make it onto the list in a likely voter poll because they don’t vote in large numbers. I don’t think Romney has anything to fear.

And finally, I felt the need to share this picture (thanks to the Snark for showing it to me)

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