Weekly Meditation: Do It Now, Part II

So last week’s meditation was to try and do a little quiet so soul searching and find your purpose in life (short of that divine revelation, to at least focus your goals).

Again, just to reiterate this pair of blogs was inspired by the song “Do It Now” by the great Ingrid Michaelson.

So now that you have some better understanding of where you what your purpose of where you should be directing your life, I hope, we need to put that into practice. (Still don’t know what you want…then I may suggest using this Michaelson song in the meantime as your goal until you have your own purpose figured out.).

First the easy part. Come up with a 5-10 step plan on how you will get that goal (or those goals if you have more than one) done. That should be relatively easy.

And now for the hard part you knew was coming…Do it now. Take point 1 on the list for all of your goals and do it this week.

How is this a meditation? Well meditation is the art of focusing your mind on something…and nothing is more about focus then when your mind and your actions are one and directed toward a very clear goal.

Now I would also suggest, in accordance with the law of attraction that you begin and end each with 10 minutes of visualizing not just following through on that first point but all the way through each point until you achieve your goal. But visualization are not cure for actually getting starting and doing it right now.


I don’t care
You really do not seem to be getting the message…

DO IT NOW. This week. I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care if you need to take a day off work. Even if you need to take a few hundred out of savings. DO IT NOW. And if your first step cannot be done in a week, then clearly you need to break that down into smaller pieces as well.

Now if you’re already in the middle of achieving your goals, this certainly can’t hurt you.  But if, as the song says “you’re living to die” then you need to get out of your morass and start living.

But to move forward this week you need to start working toward every goal you have.

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