10 reasons why libertarians have become a joke…

The ever so poorly named “Reason Magazine” has put out an article preposterously titled “5 Reasons Why

Libertarians have this really bad tendency to follow leaders blindly. Hayek, Von Misses, Rand and now this lunatic. All of them had good ideas, but none of them were divine prophets to never be questioned...

Conservatives Should Root For a Romney Defeat.”    Lately Libertarians have been getting more and more annoying with their embrace of full blown isolationism (which given how it has NEVER worked, means they’re either very, very stupid or in favor of tyrannies being free to do whatever evil they wish) and their recent and exceedingly naïve push for the gold standard as a cure all for all economic woes.  This is not the libertarian party I once knew of sound economic restraint and social liberalism…this is now a libertarian party of cowards and cranks.  So let me refute their 5 reasons to not vote for Romney.

1.  Reason claims because the Supreme Court will only overturn the individual mandate but leave the rest of Obamacare…because Romney and the Republicans don’t have the guts now to overturn the rest of the law we should let Obama stay in office and let a real reformer get in office in 2016 who will then overturn the law.  Common sense states that you would give some reasons to back this up but Reason’s article seemed quite lacking, in well, reason.

This is stupid for three reasons.  The first being that if the Supreme Court overturns one part, they’re probably taking it all out (Scalia’s comment about “you don’t expect us to go through this line by line do you”)…further it would require you to believe that the justices who are voting to overturn the mandate would leave all the economically disastrous parts that a mandate was a necessity to pay for.  The second is that Romney has promised to overturn the law in toto and will send that law on the first day in office to Congress, which if passed in the first week of his administration it has the most chance of getting through Congress with little disagreement.  The third being that, while the economically stupid issue of covering preexisting conditions needs to go, after another four years of Obama it will NEVER be overturned as no Congressmen, no matter how conservative, will have the guts to take away something that has been around for so long.

2.  Reason’s second claim is in two parts , first that you just can’t trust that evil flip-flopper Romney.  This is a claim that is without basis.  Romney’s changed his position on abortion…everything else is liberal lies.  Thank you libertarians for being dumb enough to believe liberal lies and immoral enough to repeat them…not to mention demonstrating liberal tendencies by not doing the research!

The second part of their reasons to not vote for Romney is that he will make our military second to none.  Oh, how terrible.  When did libertarianism become the philosophy of cowards and complicity in tyranny via our isolation.

3.  They don’t trust Romney to do away with Crony Capitalism as he says he will do (and as he did as much as he could with limited power in Massachusetts).  Why doesn’t Reason believe him…because he supported the financial bailout.  Which is kind of dumb.  Yes TARP was a horribly conceived and horribly executed program…but to do nothing as libertarians seem to suggest would have been equally stupid.  For years government conspired to force the financial sector to give out all those crappy loans (and yes they did force and threaten them with criminal and civil lawsuits if they didn’t give them out) so while the financial sector is not exactly saintly and has more than enough blame to go around on its own, the government is equally at fault.  But the libertarians argue that after you’ve stabbed someone in the kidney it’s their responsibility to heal themselves.  Huh?  Yes TARP should have been drastically smaller and shorter, it should have been more targeted and not an industry wide panacea, it should have probably been designed to cure the shock waver after one of the major banks went belly up to prevent a panic not preventing them all from failing, but you know what, not doing anything would have been as bad if not worse.  And yes Bush, Congress and the Fed deserve a lot of blame for not doing a more limited plan, but that does not mean an outsider who had no say at any level of the decision making process should take the blame for supporting what may be the lesser of two evils.  So I can’t fully hit Romney for being pragmatic and saying, yes we need TARP.

Reason also claims that calling China on its economic corruption is a bad thing.  I’m confused by their stance, probably again because Reason failed to state any reason for their belief and rather preferred to make an uninformed hitpiece.

4.  Oh and if we elect Romney then no “real conservative” will be able to run in 2016.  True, I look forward to Romney’s second term.  However, since Reason’s definition of true conservative is a person who holds to the insane dogma of Austrian economics and who is a complete coward in foreign policy.  You know a “real conservative” unlike that filthy Monetarist, strong foreign policy, fake conservative Ronald Reagan.  Somehow I’m not being swayed by Reason’s arguments.

5.  And their fifth argument, losing will allow the GOP to collapse…and theoretically realign itself…despite the fact that, realignment actually usually occurs when a party wins the White House (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley, FDR…and I can’t think of a realignment that occurred when the party lost…but these are libertarians, the people who ignored all the economic panics, recessions and depressions caused by the gold standard and who completely failed to notice the utter failure of isolationism throughout all of history…no shock they don’t understand how realignments work historically).

So let me now respond with 5 reasons why libertarians should back Romney.

  1. He has a history of actually doing what libertarians like: cutting government and not raising taxes.
  2. Romney is actually endorsing the plan of reformers like Paul Ryan.  He also is backed by a whole team of some the best minds in every field…just check his website…unlike Reason which apparently is working off of innuendo and media lies. And again go to his website, no candidate in my life time has ever had so much data to review as Romney has provided…and it’s all great
  3. For supposed economic conservatives I don’t understand why libertarians would be so hostile to someone who is actually from the private sector.  This is the kind of guy who actually knows what he is doing.  He is not a career politician (he’s only ever held one other elected office for one term), thus he is not beholden to the bureaucracy or the party, he has no favors to fulfill which will actually help to end cronyism. Also cronyism occurs when you have something to gain…remind me how you actually bribe a man who is both rich and not avaricious (as judged by his overly generous charitable contributions).
  4. This country cannot survive another 4 years of Obama.  4 more years of over regulation, taxation, government abuse of power, extreme deficit spending, and insane union support will gut this country and if it doesn’t result in a global depression to make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park, the only reason that we won’t become a 2nd   rate power is because everyone else will fall faster than we do.
  5. Do you remember how reviled the Greens were in the Democratic party after handing the election to Bush (yes I’ll admit if Nader hadn’t run then Gore would have won)…well if you jackasses were to hand the election to Obama then you would be even more reviled and will guarantee the death of the libertarian strain in the Republican party (i.e. you’ll be handing the party to the social conservatives).


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6 responses to “10 reasons why libertarians have become a joke…

  1. Thomas

    This article is obviously written by yet another person who doesn’t understand Libertarianism. #1 is especially hilarious. Apparently, Reason’s “stupid” prediction turned out to be right.

    • I can only assume you’re referring to the Obamacare part when you’re saying Reason’s prediction was correct. Actually no it wasn’t, they didn’t overturn the individual mandate, they kept everything (except some small issues with Medicare). Thank you for showing you don’t even know the news, so the only thing hilarious here is that you’re this ignorant. Yes, I, like most people, were convinced they would either keep all of it or none of it…sadly we overestimated the court’s intelligence there, but Reason’s argument for a split decision was wrong. Also it’s a two part prediction, stating that Romney will not overturn Obamacare…now this is greatly dependent on who controls the Senate and by how much, but to anyone with a brain it’s pretty clear if he doesn’t have to jump the hurdle of the Senate or make deals to get cloture, Obamacare is toast. So Reason’s prediction on both points is actually quite wrong.

      As to my now understanding libertarianism…I understand it well. It used to be a belief of limited government and capitalism…it has degenerated into a party of anti-war sentiment, cowardice and just hint of anti-semitism. (Oh, and the silly Gold standard is also really popular with libertarians, showing they really don’t know anything about the relationship of capitalism and monetary policy).

      • Nick

        The Libertarian Party still is the party of limited government and capitalism. I don’t understand how you can say that the GOP is a capitalist party anymore. First off, using the Federal Reserve the manipulate interest rates and funnel money into a government-created and endorsed banking cartel can not be called a “free market”.But almost every member of the Republican Party still supports it. This only changed slowly during the Primary Process, when a certain man convinced the Republican Party that it should back a Federal Reserve Audit. (Which, by the way, revealed trillions of dollars of near 0% loans given to international banks through the Fed’s “Discount Window”.. If this is not robbing the American People, then I don’t know what it) Who was the man that after 30 years of campaigning FINALLY got his party on board with him? Lifelong Libertarian Dr. Ron Paul.

        I could not bring myself to vote for Mitt Romney because of his support of the stimulus and the bailouts. I was also displeased with his implementation of the individual mandate in Massachusetts (which has driven up costs, by the way). To me, if the Federal Government plays favorites in the market, then it is not a free market.

        The Libertarian Party takes an ideological stand against cronyism like this. The GOP unfortunately is far from a Free Market Party anymore. Of course the Democrats are neither Free Market or Capitalistic at this point. This is why the Libertarians aim to replace old-GOP with a modern, truly small government message.

        Regarding Foreign Policy. Non-Interventionism is different than Isolationism. Let me say that again. Non-Interventionism is NOT Isolationism. Libertarians are non-interventionalists To understand why, I suggest that you study the core of Libertarian philosophy–The Non-Aggression Principle. The LP’s position is simply that there is no reason that we should be stationed all over the world, wasting literally billions of taxpayer dollars years. The Department of Defense is by far the biggest discretionary item on the Federal Budget. At $800 annually (plus War on Terror Appropriations amounting to anywhere from $200-500 Billion annually) the DoD is literally bankrupting us. We could slash our military budget in HALF and STILL have more military spending that the rest of the world COMBINED. Yes, that includes China. Invading and occupying places that pose no threat to us is both immoral and uneconomical. A liberated market would find a better use for that productivity.

        • You focus on the faults of the Republican party while ignoring the equally great, if not massively more troubling, faults of the libertarians. Yes there is more consistency in support about capitalism from the libertarian party (although given that they first wanted to support Ron Paul a man who rolled in pork barrel money in his career politician lifestyle and then supported Johnson a man who raised spending in New Mexico, your statements versus the reality are just as bad as with the Republicans). Further you forget that for all the talk of capitalism, the Libertarian party has become the party of isolation, appeasement, drugs, and cowardice. To ignore that most of the people who said they supported Paul or Johnson was for leftist anti-war reasons, is just a little naive.

          I’m not going to deal with your ill informed attacks on Romney, there are more than enough posts on this blog that already…I will simply say that equating the Romney suggestion for stimulus (a quick loan to prevent shock waves after the first major institutions failed) to Obama and Bush’s stimulus (long term loans, or just giving money, to try and actually control the economy) is intellectually dishonest and your attack on Romneycare (which was as conservative as he could get out of the very liberal Mass. legislature, which wanted to to just nationalize all healthcare in the state) shows you listened only to spin and didn’t do any independent research.

          Yes the GOP has problems. So does the Libertarian party. But my efforts to change and reform the GOP can actually have an effect on the future o this nation. Attempts to hype and reform a third party will not.

          It’s strange how your Non-interventionism sounds exactly like isolationism, looks like isolationism, acts like isolationism and is as morally bankrupt as isolationism, but, according to you isn’t isolationism. You, like most leftist, just don’t like having your bullshit evil ways called bullshit and evil.

  2. “if we elect Romney then no “real conservative” will be able to run in 2016” Yeah, we totally got a real conservative running this year.

    “losing will allow the GOP to collapse…and theoretically realign itself”
    Yeah, this prediction is also the exact opposite of what happened. Fucking morons.

    “realignment actually usually occurs when a party wins the White House (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley, FDR…and I can’t think of a realignment that occurred when the party lost” So, then, wouldn’t that mean the GOP has a better chance of realignment if they win this year rather than lose?

    • Usually a party has a better chance of realigning when you have a candidate who is not in perfect line with the old base win and thus bring in new blood, doesn’t always happen witha win, but I can’t think of a realignment that didn’t occur when someone calling for a change in values lost…yes there is the always the other party’s counter realignment that follows but it’s more or less defined as the opposite of the first reallignment. However, even though he’s going to lose, Trump is defining the GOP as the party of racism, soclialism and isolation…which sadly means we actually have some hope from the Dems counter reallignment (we clearly now live the in the Twilight Zone).

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