The Examples of Great Comedy in Film #12-#10

#12 Evolution

“Allow me to share something with the entire class. Last night as I was grading papers, I came across two gems both entitled “Cells are Bad” and both with just one paragraph which I unfortunately committed to memory: “Cells are bad. My uncle lives in a cell. It’s ten foot by twelve and he has to read the same boring, old magazine everyday. The end.” Although my standards are nowhere near where they used to be I could not bring myself to put A’s atop those beauties.”

Part of me thinks that this movie’s absolute refusal to say anything scientifically correct is what makes me love it. It is a masterpiece of Hollywood’s constant misuse of scientific sounding words and phrases to come to the most preposterous conclusions and scenes. This movie makes The Core look well research, but is completely unapologetic about it’s lack of serious scientific knowledge.

While I love him in this movie I think it may have probably been a bad call on Duchovny’s part to do a movie about an alien invasion where he falls for a red-headed scientist as the first role to play after he left X-files…but it does make his line about “No government. I know those people, we can’t trust them” all the more enjoyable.

#11 The Hangover

Stu: So, uh, are you sure you’re qualified to be taking care of that baby?

Alan: What are you talking about? I’ve found a baby before.
Stu: You found a baby before? Where?
Alan: Coffee Bean.

This is one of those movies that found that rarest of rare balances between wit, raunchy, physical and verbal humor….and it appears it was a bit on accident as they clearly weren’t able to repeat it…and lord knows why they’re even trying for a third?

Is there a scene in this film that is not perfectly written and performed for a great laugh? Although for some reason I find Stu singing about what tiger’s dream of to be the scene I can just watch over and over again (maybe for the look on Cooper’s face at the end) but frankly this movie never seems to get old.

#10 Lucky Number Slevin

Slevin: I’m sorry, who are you?
The Boss: I’m The Boss.
Slevin: I thought he was The Boss.
The Boss: Why? Do we look alike? So, Mr. Fisher, you were gonna tell me something?
Slevin: I don’t know, you brought me here.
The Boss: Yes I did. Back when you thought I was him.
Slevin: I didn’t think you were him, I thought he was you. And I was trying to tell him – you that they picked up the wrong guy.
The Boss: The wrong guy for what?
Slevin: Whatever it is you wanna see me about.
The Boss: Do you know what I wanna see you about?
Slevin: No.
The Boss: Then how do you know I got the wrong guy?
Slevin: Because I’m not…
The Boss: Maybe I want to give you $96,000. In that case do I still have the wrong guy?
Slevin: Do you wanna give me $96,000?
The Boss: No, do you wanna give me $96,000?
Slevin: No, should I?
The Boss: I don’t know, should you?
Slevin: I don’t know, should I?
The Boss: [pause] Long story short.
Slevin: I think we’re well past that point.
The Boss: I bet it was that mouth that got you that nose.
Slevin: Okay, I’m under the impression that you’re under the impression that I owe you $96,000…?
The Boss: No, you owe Slim Hopkins $96,000. You owe Slim, Slim owes me. You owe me.

I wish I lived in a world like “Lucky Number Slevin”…okay maybe not the part where everyone is trying to kill everyone else…but the part where every single person you encounter speaks in nothing but rapid fire glib repartee.

The movie keeps you guessing exactly what is happening through it’s near byzantine plot (even thought they pretty much tell you what it’s all about in the first scenes) by distracting you with one Howard Hawk’s-esque scene of witty banter after another. Even the scenes that aren’t fall on the floor laughing are great humor in their crisp delivery of dialogue.


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2 responses to “The Examples of Great Comedy in Film #12-#10

  1. I love all of those movies. The first two will have me laughing until I can’t breathe. The third is less “laugh out loud” funny, but still awesome.

  2. Yes, I agree that Slevin is not laugh out loud funny (it’s actually quite dark) but it is a wonderful example of wit.

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