Ramblings of ConservativeCathy—War on Women Part I:New Dem. Slogan: I am woman! Hear me whine!

I am wondering ….. why is it that women are the current focus for the Democratic Party and why are they so unhappy that they must be appeased??? Well, I am a woman and I am confused.

Let me state that I support Romney – I support Romney not just because he is going to get the nomination and I really really hate our current President but because I really like Romney and think he has potential to be a great President. So what is with all these other women – who are an extremely large voting block.

Well in doing my research I find that although women outnumber men they are pretty close in the percentages of the voting public. Women are currently about 51% of the voters out there. But the largest block by percentages of those women voting is the older – 75+ years old woman (voting in larger percentages than her same age male counterparts – along with highly outnumbering them in this category). The lowest voting block of women (also the largest) is the 18-25 group. The rate at which they vote improves greatly when they age and there does not seem to be any studies as to why that is. The single women’s groups vote Democratic mostly and the Married groups vote Republican more often. Does this suggest that that once they get older and have responsibilities, reality sets in they see the advantageous of being in control of their own lives?? Their children’s lives??

So I went looking for these huge issues that only Democrats could solve and Republicans were trying to make worse. Since this is a big issue (or you would think so from the media hype) it should be easy to find these lists of problems/injuries. Guess again.

Of course we all know about the two big issues that are apparently both big issues for women – abortion (or is that reproductive rights now?) and gays. Other than that I was only able to find a couple of lists with some issues on it. I will deal with them and the above issues as I see them and how I believe the political parties and Romney deals or will deal with them.

Let’s get this out of the way first – Reproductive Rights:

I think this new hip title is silly. I am not aware of any political party or religion trying to stop anyone (men or women) from reproducing. I do believe that religious people or responsible parents for that matter encourage or discourage (depending on your perspective) young people from engaging in sex before marriage only due to that reproductive part and the potential mental traumas that can occur when you are young and irresponsible.

But back to the subject at hand – I do not think Republicans are trying to stop anyone from reproducing or even having sex. I believe because of the moral influences they promote self-responsibility. Now I will admit that there are some Republicans that seem to want to control your sex lives but really do you believe that they can make that happen??? No, neither do I, so why waste time discussing it or worrying about it. Democrats obviously promote anything that would increase the number of Democratic voters. The debate comes with the abortion issue and now currently contraception. The Democrats want to pay for all of this with taxpayer money and the Republicans think it should be your own responsibility. As anyone who knows me or has read anything I have written knows I go back to our Constitution and no government should interfere in your personal decisions that hurt no one else but that also means that they do not use taxpayer money to fund it. Religious leaders can do whatever they do and it should have nothing to do with government! By the way – in making this a woman’s issue only – does that relieve all men from any responsibility in these issues?? Don’t see how that benefits any woman.

Romney agrees with me that it is your choice and the government should not be involved so there should be no taxpayer money to support or deny these issues. Now I will also state here that he has said that he does not agree with abortion but really that only means he will not have one – so what? (If you are really concerned about life before birth then put time into convincing the world but again this is a social issue not a government issue – if you want it to be a government issue then get an amendment to the constitution – and lot’s of luck with that).

Gay Rights Issues:
Again not sure how this is a woman’s issue but the answer is it does not involve government – other than the marriage issue and I think the Civil Union solves this issue. Marriages are religious and Civil Unions are legal. Problem solved and I bet all people and parties can get behind this one! I can assure you that it is not that difficult to find a church that will marry homosexuals – amazingly before this became a political talking point I knew gay people who had weddings. By the way why would you want to force someone to perform this type of ceremony ? – are you now saying that it does not have the commitment and feelings that marriage is supposed to represent or is it a political football to throw at someone??

Romney has stated that he believes in marriage for men and women only – so there is currently a law backing that up. But the law is not Constitutional as it has nothing to do with the government. So although he said he would support the current law he also stated that he would not overturn the military issue unless the military thought it was causing problems. So I do not think he will take us backwards. I really think if everyone were just a little patient society will come around on it’s own. I think he has made it clear that his main focus is not social issues but in the economic and constitutional ones – gee what a concept.

Retirement Security:
How is this a woman’s issue? Everyone wants security deep down – not being a psychologist I can only guess maybe women want it more. Currently this is a government issue, but if you are looking for Social Security to provide this needed retirement security – boy are you not expecting much from retirement and you will be disappointed. Social Security was and is unconstitutional in my opinion – go ahead and find where it is mentioned or covered in the Constitution. Having said that – it is here and probably will not go away but maybe we can revise it a little and stop throwing money down the drain.

* Lift unnecessary regulation and taxes on savings and investment that is for retirement (means you can not touch it until then)– encourage
people to plan/prepare for themselves.
* Stop printing money/bring our debt down so inflation does not keep spiraling out of sight.
* Make social security for only those that have worked and actually paid into it starting with those currently 40 years old and younger (everyone else stays the same as it is now). Stop the giveaway it has become. No new people will be added to this program that have not worked – no children or spouse benefits for those 40 years and younger – only for retirement purposes based on work schedule for those 40 years old and younger (we will have other programs – unfortunately – to cover these other issues).
* Here’s one for the women – equality – social security payments for those 40 years
and younger will now be based on their work record not their husbands – but your husband should also be able to put away money for your retirement years tax free if you choose to work at home (children, home, elder relatives care, etc.).
* Raise the retirement age to 70 for those 40 years old and younger.
* Allow for anyone to choose to have ½ of their social security payment placed in a savings or investment account – this can go to 100% once all previous debts for this program have been paid off – probably at least another 50 years or so.
* All payments collected from taxes for social security beginning now will need to be placed in a savings account for at least minimum interest and payments will be made from this account. The Federal general fund will need to budget/allot appropriate amounts of money annually into this investment fund to make payments until the system becomes self-supporting.
* Once all debts have been paid off the government should abolish and just give tax credit for all monies set aside for retirement funds based on some inflation index for a standard middle class family to live on annually (meaning that the amount of money allowed tax free is what is established to provide you with a retirement in that middle class status – no guarantee that you will save that amount but you have that option). Although I believe all tax loop holes should be eliminated and go to a flat tax based on annual budget numbers not income – the government should want to encourage this type of self responsibility and so I have no issues with this as it will eliminate this type of drain on the economy/government – as this would actually be for the “common good”.

Based on the previous actions I would say that Democrats do not want women to stand on their own and will want to continue the current policies to keep women (or anyone else for that matter) in a needier position – it provides job security for them (votes). Although I would place the Republicans somewhere in-between my thoughts and the Democrat’s although it would be nice if they developed a backbone and stepped up to the plate and dealt with it responsibly. I think Ryan is willing to do that with support.

For those souls that are currently 40 years of age or younger and not capable of providing for themselves in the future and do not have families capable of providing for them I am willing to offer government housing and services. This would provide that while they are capable they volunteer at least 4 hours a day/5 days a week/11 months out of the year as needed in the community. I can see no down side for either political party with this one. Democrats might see it as a burden for the person while I think that most Republicans would see it as a great way to spend time and bring pleasure to the person providing the volunteer service and the people receiving the volunteered service. But this meets the democratic talking points except that we are expecting some return on our (the taxpayer) investment in their livelihood.
Anyway I see Romney as more than willing to get to this position with legislative support. Let’s get back to personal responsibility and families/charities being our safety net!

To Be Continued Tomorrow….

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