Weekly Meditation: Fear and Faith


So I didn’t post anything during the weekend.  I did this because the internet has a nasty way of suggesting everything is an attack on something else…and publishing a New Age meditation on Good Friday, Passover, or Easer could be interpreted as an attack where none was meant.  I have no quarrel with you if you have found happiness in something other than New Age belief, as all paths lead to God eventually, and each time I considered it, it just seemed tacky to post on another religion’s holy day when I don’t embrace that holiday.  (Yes, I have issues with Easter…still too close to go into them).

Onto the meditation.

I thought it was time to return to A Course In Miracles for today’s meditation.

Lesson 48 from the workbook of the Course is a simple one:

There is nothing to fear.

Simple.  Hopeful.  To the point.

It goes along with the summary of the Course from it’s first page:

 This course can there be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

Now granted there is entire book explaining that sentiment, but it keeps coming back to the message: There is nothing to fear.  You are your soul, not your body, and thus you, the real you, can’t be harmed.  You are the child of a God that is infinite love, thus he cannot hate or reject you, otherwise it wouldn’t be INFINITE love.  There are no sins, only mistakes that are to be learned from and corrected.  In the end there is no punishment but what you give yourself, and even that isn’t going to harm you in any long-term sense.  There is nothing to fear, as, in the end, everything literally will be fine (now how far off that end is is up to you…but the longer you fear the longer it’s going to take to get to that end.)

So this week every time you come across anything that makes you worried, apprehensive, depressed, sorry or worried, repeat to yourself:

There is nothing to fear.

And believe it.


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