Wednesday Morning Roundup of WI, MD, and DC

The Hare (left) gloated like he won last night. Meanwhile the Tortoise (right) increased his lead.

So Romney won.  Romney won big.  Meanwhile, Santorum, out in Oz thinks he still he has a chance.  He thinks that because half the delegates haven’t been given out that he still has a chance.  Yeah.   Actually about 1160 delegates  are still outstanding so technically we haven’t hit the half mark…and Romney has just short of 60% of the delegates he needs to win…and on top of that Ricky is only ahead in two states Pennsylvania (by a measly two points which I predict will be gone by the time of the primary) and Nebraska (which last time I checked did not have enough delegates to turn the tide).  He also arrogantly compared himself to Reagan in ’76 (despite the fact that Ricky is a psychopathic social conservative and a corrupt bleeding heart economic liberal…Reagan was a social moderate/conservative and economic conservative).

I’m not going to go over the math from last week but I would remind you my predictions were that (not counting RNC unpledged delegates) Romney would get 16 from DC, 28 from Maryland and 29 from Wisconsin.  What Romney really got was 16 DC 37 MD, 30 WI…or 10 more delegates than I predicted.  Which means my prediction from last week that Santorum would have to stop Romney from getting 71 of the delegates that I predicted he would get…Now Ricky has to knock out 81.  Oh I can’t wait to see Rick in the 2nd half of this game.  The fact is that Santorum doesn’t just need to be defeated, he needs to be humiliated and shown what a complete and utterly pathetic excuse of a Republican and human being that he is.

Oh, remember when Santorum said he wanted to vomit over Kennedy’s speech that someone should be an American first and a Catholic second…well I wanted to, I wanted to throw up when he compared himself to Reagan.  But then there is the preposterous nature of his whole argument.  His argument is that Reagan didn’t win much until May when he won Texas and then stayed in only to be betrayed by party leadership and because they picked moderate Ford who lost to Carter.  So let’s work backwards…Reagan was competent, Ford couldn’t standup straight half the time he was so stupid (Romney, very competent, Santorum can’t open his mouth without making him look like a dipshit of Jimmy Carter’s caliber).  Also the biggest reason Ford lost wasn’t because he was a moderate, it was because he pardoned Nixon.  Moderate, conservative, hell Christ could have run as a Republican and the GOP would still have lost in the wake of Watergate.  Second, yes Santorum is right Reagan stayed in until May and won Texas.  Of course, in ’76, there were a whole 8 primaries before Texas in May and Reagan lost 7 of them.  However today, there have been 37 contests and Santorum has lost 26 of them.  Reagan would go onto win 23 states.  Santorum should consider it an act of God himself if he wins 14.  Reagan appealed to moderates and was called a moderate by the Ford campaign…after all he had been governor of that filthy liberal state California…who does that sound like?  But the most sickening thing is that I have compared Romney to Reagan and   other’s have as well…but I don’t think Romney has done that.  If Romney did it would be offensive and the height of arrogance.  You know the kind of out of proportion that Rick Santorum consistently shows.  (Barrack Obama also shows this kind of god-complex narcissism, so apparently their liberal economics isn’t the only thing that Santorum and Obama have in common).

But as I said at this point Romney has won.  Anyone who lives in reality agrees on that.  All that’s left is first the total humiliation of Rick Santorum as the failure of failures, followed by Obama defeat.  It will be a good year.  Otherwise on the primary front we have nothing but a few weeks of watching Rick fall further and further down the polls.  Have fun, I know I will.

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