The continuing bizarreness of the Left. Let’s support people who oppose everything we stand for and would kill us all because….I’m having trouble coming up with a reason beyond the Left is out of its goddamn mind.

OutRight Patriots

“How can you support a group that doesn’t even support equal rights for you?”

I know I’m not the only gay conservative who has been asked this question. I’ve given a myriad of responses, depending on my mood, ranging from “I prefer not to be thought of an ass who can be guided using a ‘carrot on a stick’ approach” to “being able to get married to another woman is not really my biggest worry at this moment in time” or whole discussions on why marriage shouldn’t be in the purview of the government at all and discussions on why this ridiculous view that all Republicans and all Democrats feel the same way about gay people.

But now I have to return the question to Seattle’s LGBT commission (or at least a small part of it).

How can you support a country, run by religious zealots, where you would be…

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