For April, I bring the top comedy films…up first honorable mentions…

Humor. It’s probably one of the hardest things to define and understand. What is hilarious to some people is just boring to others. Probably no form of art is more dependent on education, personal experience, beliefs, and acquired tastes than humor (even with the highly subjective field of music you can appreciate great music even if it doesn’t move you, and we can more or less all agree what makes great music…not so much humor). So while I felt the need to do a list of great comedy movies (despite the complete lack of philosophical backing for them) (and it is a bit of a stretch putting them in April so as to go with April Fool’s Day is a bit of a stretch…although where would you have put it?) I will admit you may think these are all terrible films…but I enjoy them.

So let’s us begin with the honorable mention! In no particular order…

An odd tale of Christian Slater becoming a police special (a private police officer) to track down his brother’s killer in between speaking to the camera directly and making smartass comments to the audience. In between you get to see what in retrospect has to be the high point of Milla Jojovich’s acting career as his girlfriend and a villain with perhaps the strangest fashion sense of any character in any movie ever made.

The humor varies between subdued to just surreal, but overall it makes for a lot of good laughs in between some well done action.

The Zero Effect
What if Sherlock Holmes were a manic-depressive drug user with poor hygiene skills and no social skills with maybe a touch of borderline psychopath…oh wait, he was…okay I mean without any of the charm and grace that Downy Jr. or Cumberbatch bring to the part. Well you would have Bill Pulman’s Daryl Zero. Probably the most dysfunctional and off the wall interpretation of Sherlock Holmes…and his Watson played by Ben Stiller (whom I usually find dull and boring to be extremely entertaining in this) has none of the love and devotion we’ve come to expect from the side kick of the world’s greatest detective. I will admit this movie is very much hit and miss, people I know whom I usually agree with on many things in terms of humor find this movie pointless and a waste of film, while others love it. I enjoy it but I haven’t figured out what the makes this movie funny to some and not to others, if you have thoughts please share.

The Cheap Detective
A Neil Simon comedy that mixes up the plots of Casablanca, The Big Sleep, and The Maltese Falcon with Peter Faulk playing a mixture of all three of Bogey’s parts. Need I say more? Yes, why is this only an honorable mention and not in the list proper? Because while a lot of scenes are hilarious, the whole thing falls a little short.

A Night at the Opera/Animal Crackers
I felt putting more than one Marx Brothers movie in the actual list was a little unfair so these two got knocked down to honorable mention.

The Pentagon Wars
This is either a comedy or a tragedy…it deals with what it takes for a government bureaucracy to create a new machine…it’s sad and hilarious all at the same time. And the worst part is that it’s more or less true…

For some reason I like this version more than the original. I know I’m in the minority I don’t care.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world
This is a great movie…the problem is that it runs too long and tries to stick too many jokes into too short a time and the movie actually runs just a little too long.

Support your Local Sheriff
This slapstick western has been forgotten by many, but I find it to be one of the funniest wastes of time you can find.

Hot Shots
A classic of the slapstick genre.

The Brother’s Bloom

A quirky little heist movie.

Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House
Not Cary Grant’s best comedy, but certainly a good one about the hellish nature of dealing with your dream.

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