Ugh….Getting judged by your dumbest members…

So Drudge put up this headline and link…

Thousands of New Agers descend on mountain they see as haven from apocalypse…

It would be intellectually dishonest to just ignore this use of the term New Agers…as much as I might want to.  This is the problem, as I’ve pointed out before, of a title that has such a broad definition with no clear boundaries.

Reading this article I’m not convinced I agree with these idiot on a single point.  But I get lumped in with them because I describe myself as  a New Ager.

I’m not going to defend them, I think they’re stupid, as the vast majority of Christians thought the rapture thing last year was dumb, as I’m sure most Jews think the misogynist members of ultra-orthdox Jewish sects are morons, as I’m sure every religion has it’s subset of morons.  Even atheists have Richard Dawkins.  My point being it is unfair to judge any religion or group by it’s craziest and smallest subset.

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