Atheists try and portray themselves as the religion of peace…when they are anything but

So I saw this mind-numbingly stupid statement on Facebook today.

“Militant Muslims blow up car bombs and commit acts of terrorism. Militant Christians blow up abortion clinics and gun down abortion doctors. Militant atheists might just hurt your feelings.”

Now as I’ve said before, atheists are idiots, because they are also a religion–they have a belief system based on an unprovable tenet of faith.  The difference being is every other religion knows it is using faith, whereas atheists mistake faith for reason and get hysterical when someone points this out to them.  Why was Socrates smarter than the rest of the Athens, because while he didn’t know more than they did, he knew he didn’t know.

There are a few ways to deal with this.  Let’s run through most of them.

Militant atheists who killed lots of people.  Tim McVeigh of Oklahoma city bombing fame who said “science was his religion” and indentified himself as an agnostic , Jared Lee Loughner the Arizona shooter didn’t believe in God, and Anders Behring Breivik that crazy guy in Norway last year (whose manifesto included “I’ve always been very pragmatic and influenced by my secular surroundings and environment” and called himself a “Christian-atheist.”  I seem to remember these non-religious schmucks killing some people.  Hell when you consider percentage wise the number of Christian in the world (about 35% of the world) versus the number of these “Christian militants” (maybe 1 or 2 every couple of years) compared to the total number of Atheists in the world (about 10% of the world) versus a relatively comparable number of atheistic psychos (maybe 1 or 2 every couple of years), on a per capita basis atheists seem to be a far more dangerous group of people.  But even that would be unfair because in both cases that is taking a few psychos and trying to blame whichever group name you want to apply to them.  Let me be clear, there is not a group, organization, religion, profession, ethnicity, or whatever designation you want to pick that doesn’t have a few crazies…because these groups consists of human beings and the human nature and statistics means that every so often you get a lunatic in the mix.

No, a more fair comparison would be to look at what happens when a religion gets in complete power and enforces their beliefs as law.  Now, without question a secular government which does not give preference to one religion over another is always preferable…but secularism is not enforced atheism.  A secular government does not forbid the display of religion or the acknowledgement of widely held religious beliefs; it merely does not impede others from practicing their own religion.  Banning all examples of religion in government would be an atheistic state religion, just as banning all other religions to the support of only one would be a religious government.

Now you’d have to be an idiot to apply all wars where one side (or both) sides were religious, because no matter how religious the propaganda the wars were really fought over other purposes (nearly all wars in the medieval and early modern era were fought not over God but over land and power, the war in the Balkans is more about ethnicity and nationalism than religious differences).  Now there are a few cases in the East of religious intolerance, but for argument’s sake let’s say 500,000 have been killed in the name of religion in the East.  Now religious wars that we should include are the Thirty Years War, the French Wars of Religion, the 2nd Sudanese Civil War, the Crusades, and the Lebanese Civil war (the last three being wars of Christianity vs. Islam) because these wars were fought almost solely to extend one religion and destroy another (I realize even that statement has flaws, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to those who want to say religion is evil…trust me you’ll love that I’m inflating numbers).  The high end estimate for these 20.75 million (plus our half million from before which gives us 21.25 million so far).    The Inquisition killed maybe 500,000 (a high end estimate), total 21.75 million.  The religious persecution in England during the Tudor and Stuart monarchies killed maybe a hundred thousand (a very high end estimate).  Let’s multiply that by 10 for the whole of Europe for an even million in deaths from religious persecution in Christian Europe, total 22.75. Now inevitably someone is going to want me to put in the conquest of the Americas (even though A. Greed and gold were more the motivating factor, B. Someone would have eventually crossed the sea even if there wasn’t religion and with it the diseases that did most of the killing would have happened anyway) but let’s put that in there.  Now Schweikart and Allen’s A Patriot’s History of the United States lists the number likely being around 800,000…but let’s give the benefit of the doubt to those who hate religion and give them 5 Million.  So our total for religion stands at 27.75 million.  Let’s add another 10 million for the European slave trade (again another high end estimate).  So our total stands at 37.75 million.  And let’s add another 10 million for all the death at the hands of priest ripping out hearts in the Americas and other religious motivated murders in the New World.  47.75 million. These are pretty much the deaths caused by religion in the last 2,000 years.   You know what, let’s double that number just to be on the safe side.  Let’s say 95.5 Million people have been killed by the repression of religion in the world (I’m also going to ignore other forms of torture, persecution and denial of rights as I think they are probably all in proportion to death tolls).

(I’m going to leave out Islam from this calculation because unlike just about every other religion on Earth, Islam denies the divinity or divine quality of the human soul, for instance you won’t find any statement that man was created in God’s image in the Koran or Haddith, and in this way it makes it philosophically more in line with atheism)…(If you think this is unfair, just look at the pro-atheist quote that started this rant; even they differentiate.)

Now let’s look at the nine nations that have actually implemented atheism in

  1. The French Revolution under the Reign of Terror
  2. Soviet Russia
  3. Communist China
  4. N. Korea
  5. Khmer Rogue Cambodia
  6. Mexico in the 1920’s
  7. Cuba
  8. Various other communist states in the 20th Century.
  9. Nazi Germany (right now some atheist are screaming that it’s wrong to claim Nazi Germany was atheist…shut up and sit down, I will prove this point)

As far as I can find (and this is the result of a month’s worth of research…they were all on the Wikipedia page, but I couldn’t find any others) these are the only countries to ever institute state enforced atheism.  Now anyone with even a modicum of knowledge knows that this death toll is easily going to top my previous one.  But let’s go over it anyway.

  1. The French Revolution with its Reign of Terror and “Cult of Reason.”  Catholicism and other versions of Christianity were outlawed.  Churches burned, relics desecrated, clergy persecuted and of course the guillotine.  Low end estimates for these 2 years of madness are around 15,000 dead.
  2. In Mexico’s 1917 Constitution nationalized all church property and outlawed all religious orders.  This resulted in a small civil war known as the Cristero War (1926-1929) between atheist President Calle’s forces and the pro-Catholic Cristeros.  Low end estimates put the death toll at 5,000
  3. Soviet Russia, Communist China and all other incarnations of communism

If the mere 20,000 deaths I racked up from 5 years of combined terror, let’s take at the death toll of government that brought us gulag, killing fields, the resurgence of crucifixion (yes, the Chinese crucified Tibetan monks and dissidents).  Forced labor, controlled famines, repression…the death toll is, according the obscenely well researched book The Black Book of Communism: Crime, Terror, and Repression edited by Stepane Courtois puts the number of all Communist/Marxist (where religion is always persecuted and outlawed) at 94 million dead. Now you could say it’s unfair that I just use the number the book lists and not say some Marxist tripe historian who probably put the number under 10 million…well I deal in reality and the fact that some historians have called the 94 Million estimate “too conservative,” I think I’m safe with sticking with that number.  But please go on, tell me that Communists have not killed millions.

    4. And of course Nazism.

Now the immediate cry/propaganda is that Nazism was Christian in nature and not atheistic.  And of course we call any nation that goes as far as outlawing miracles very Christian.

So let’s turn to some real sources…I’m going to quote large passages here instead of just sending you to the book because I don’t want to have to deal with the BS that is going to come from atheists farcical denial that their religion was behind a movement that is synonymous with evil.

From The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William S. Shirer, from the section “The Persecution of Christian Churches” (And right before the section “The Nazification of Culture”), page 240,

“What the Hitler government envisioned for Germany was clearly set out in a thirty point program for the ‘National Reich Church’ […] A few of its thirty articles convey the essentials:

“1. The National Reich Church of Germany categorically claims the exclusive right and the exclusive power to control all churches within the borders of the Reich: it declares these to be the national churches of the German Reich.

“5. The National Church is determined to exterminate irrevocably….the strange and foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year 800.

“7. The National Church has no scribes, pastors, chaplains, or priests, but National Reich orators are to speak in them.

“13. The National Church demands immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible in Germany

“14. The National Church declares that to it, and therefore to the German nation, it has been decided that the Fuehrer’s Mein Kampf is the greatest of all documents. It….not only contains the greatest but it embodies the purest and truest ethics for the present and future life of our nation.

“18. The National Church will clear away from its altars all crucifixes, Bibles, and pictures of saints.

“19. On the altars there must be nothing but Mein Kampf (to the German nation and therefore to God the most sacred book) and to the left of the altar a sword.

“30. On the day of its foundation, the Christian Cross must be removed from all churches, cathedrals, and chapels…and it must be superseded by the only unconquerable symbol, the swastika.” [Emphasis added]

You know, just because you have the trapping of religious organization, when you deny God and all his works and put in the raving of a single psychopath, I’d call that atheism.

Maybe it’s just that one book.
Let’s switch to The Third Reich: A New History by Michael Burleigh, page 196:

“Nazism represented a sustained assault on fundamental Christian values, regardless of any tactical obeisance to the purchase it had on most Germans. […] The mission here and now, for utopian ends on earth, became a substitute for the futility of earthly existence and the majesty of God.” [The whole passage is quoted here.]

If you read the whole passage it will say that they didn’t want the name atheism applied to their beliefs either…but when you replace God and Heaven with the state and the race, you may not want to call it atheism, but it is atheism.

But, please, perhaps you can find for me a historian who says that Nazi’s weren’t at war with Christianity.  Yes early on they allied themselves with Christianity, and even spouted some of the rhetoric of it, but taking a look at the whole of Nazi history shows that their goal was to destroy ALL religion and replace God with the party and the race.  I suggest you look right next to the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or roughly in that area to find bullshit that says that they weren’t atheists.

It if walks like an atheist, talks like an atheist, acts like an atheist; it sure as hell ain’t a duck.  Germany paid lip service to religion as it slowly replaced every single aspect of religion with the atheistic state.  Communism at first claimed to welcome all religions in the early days and officially banned discrimination based on religion…the difference being that Nazism didn’t last 2 decades, Communism is still going in some parts of the world.  Had Nazism lived longer they would have embraced a full atheistic state.  And to claim anything else is at best naïve and at worst hideously disingenuous.

So now that we’ve cleared up the atheistic nature of Nazi Germany…I believe the number is 6 million (not counting all the deaths caused by their war to try and spread their evil over the globe).  Which I believe brings our total to 100,020,000.  All in little over 200 years.

So let’s see here 2,000 years an absurdly liberal estimate puts the death caused by religion at 95.5 Million meanwhile in a tenth of that time atheistic governments, by a very conservative estimate, have killed over 100 Million.  I’d hate to see the world after 2,000 years of atheism, the population of mankind would be around zero.

Now, my favorite objection is that these aren’t real atheists because atheists are people who follow reason (a claim I’ve never seen in practice, but let’s go with their objection), and these governments were very unreasonable.  Okay, let’s go with that objection and not count any of those deaths that the religion of atheism brought us, but then you have to play fair and admit that all of these supposedly religious governments are equally falling short of their religion’s call for compassion.  If you give the benefit of the doubt to one side you have to give it to the other…or will atheists fess up and admit not only to their atrocious reasoning skills (after all the preponderance of the evidence is on the side that there is a God ) but also their deep-seated hypocrisy.  I doubt they will.  And you wonder why I find them a bitter and violent bunch.  Religion shouldn’t take all of the blame for the death toll above, and atheism isn’t the sole cause of the death I attributed to them.  And it is wildly poor logic to attribute the acts of one lunatic who claims to be part of a group when they are acting against what most of the members of that group believe (when polls show that a majority of a group is fine with suicide bombing…that’s a different story, and you might want to look at what that belief system is preaching).

In the end there is a simple fact, as bad as religious government can be, and as much as we should always strive for pluralistic and secular government, religious government could go years, even decades without harming those who practiced other religions.  For atheistic governments, it would be hard to find a day where an atrocity was not committed.  Now the vast majority of atheists are not butchers as the vast majority of the religious aren’t, so again please explain to me how atheists feel they have such a right to their sense of superiority.  Perhaps it’s their recorded efficiency.


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26 responses to “Atheists try and portray themselves as the religion of peace…when they are anything but

  1. Atheist for Humanity

    Compared to religious people, “atheists and secular people” are less nationalistic, prejudiced, antisemitic, racist, dogmatic, ethnocentric, close-minded, and authoritarian.

    In the US, in states with the highest percentages of atheists, the murder rate is lower than average.
    In the most religious US states, the murder rate is higher than average

    • Thank you for repeating a talking point and not dealing with any of the facts in the article. Also you are you saying that what constitutes less than 10% of the population in America has that great an effect on murder rates? That makes no sense in terms of statistics.

      • rswillf

        Nazi ideology might have been anti-christian but it was not atheist in any meaningful way. It was deeply linked to “Ariosophy”, and the Wehrmacht marched with “gott mit uns” on their belts. It was just one religion against other religions, probably closer to your new age non sense than to any skeptical form of atheism.

        • Oh my silly little troll,

          So the fact that their behavior as quoted above, from what are more or less the two corner stone texts for the study of Nazi Germany, show that Nazi culture and beliefs matches quite directly with atheism has no bearing. Yes the Wehrmacht had “God is with us” but the course of Nazi propaganda was to first align itself with the Christian nature of the country and then begin to strip it away to where only the state and race existed. Many scholars agree that had they not been defeated the plan was a continual march to full enforced atheism. (But I already stated this above, thanks for showing you just want to attack not to engage in any meaningful conversation by actually reading things.)

          And yes some, though certainly not all, of the higher command in the Nazi ranks were practicing a form of occultism. However this was by far more a small idea and was not the driving force in Nazism (it’s a well known fact because Occultism and Nazi’s make for more fun documentaries on the History Channel and more interesting plots for Indiana Jones movies…not because it was a particularly important point in history). Oh and thanks for clearly not knowing anything about New Age belief or Nazi Occultism and making a bigoted comparison between the two.

          (btw you just bore me at this point.)

          • Rusty

            I know this is two years old but just wanted to add that the mainstreams of occultism at this time was atheistic as well. Seeing all the rituals and such as affecting psychological mind states and such.

  2. Atheist for Humanity

    Religiosity is on the decline in the U.S. and atheism is on the rise, according to a new worldwide poll.
    The poll, called “The Global Index of Religiosity and Atheism,” found that the number of Americans who say they are “religious” dropped from 73 percent in 2005 (the last time the poll was conducted) to 60 percent.

    This is because there is no proof that a god exists.
    As far as the atrocities that are continually committed by ‘people of religion’ is easy to see in the news everyday these acts.

    I am an American Indian, and we were murdered because we wouldn’t convert to your religion.
    If people would actually read their bible they would see the the things that your god commanded them to do, such as murder children and infants, rape the women.
    Don’t believe me?
    Why don’t you read Isaiah 13: 15-18
    Here it is if you don’t want to read your bible;

    15 Whoever is captured will be thrust through;
    all who are caught will fall by the sword.
    16 Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes;
    their houses will be looted and their wives violated.

    17 See, I will stir up against them the Medes,
    who do not care for silver
    and have no delight in gold.
    18 Their bows will strike down the young men;
    they will have no mercy on infants,
    nor will they look with compassion on children.

    • And a more recent Gallup poll shows that belief in God is still over 90% (also any student of sociology would know these numbers fluctuate). And as to there being no proof of God, you’re wrong, there is no definitive proof of God ( but do you have proof that God doesn’t exist (which would be neat as it would be proving a negative which is logically impossible)? If you don’t have proof then saying there is no God is equally an act of faith.

      “I am an American Indian, and we were murdered because we wouldn’t convert to your religion.” You do realize this blog is run by a New Ager (Pagan)? The title the Conservative New Ager might have been a hint. (Might also have noticed the giant Yin-Yang sign with the Hindu God Ganesha in it). I don’t recall the bands of Pagans forcing American Indians to convert at the point of the sword…but I’m more than willing to hear about these fascinating stories.

      As to pulling quotes from the Bible is hardly an indictment of me as Pagan. However, the fact that you pull out Isiah 13 which is a prophecy of what will happen to the Babylonians at the hand of the Persian and it is not in any way shape or form a call for action is just intellectually pathetic.

      Now as to real exploitation of Native Americans. While all terrible most of it was motivated by greed and power lust not religion. Further many Christians were quite peaceful and rational in their attempts to convert Indians (I for instance know of no cases of the numerous Catholic missionaries ever doing harm to the tribes in what is now the United States or Canada)…but perhaps you could enlighten me with real instances not sweeping generalizations.

      Or maybe you could deal with the facts stated above that atheists have in fact proven to be more violent in practice.
      Or you could give me more talking points…your call.

  3. Atheist for Humanity

    Oh, and I was a child that was stolen, so it is personal experience for me.
    And no I don’t see “Pagan” anywhere on the page. Just “New Age” , which means nothing.
    If you are a Pagan, then say it. Don’t hide behind words like “New Age”
    I find it interesting that you call yourself a Pagan which is polytheistic, but then go on to express yourself with solely christian views and anti-atheistic comments.
    So do you believe in several gods as what Paganism is?
    The burden of proof for a an existence of a god is on you/all religious people.
    For you saying that we have to disprove an existence of gods is like me asking you to prove the flying pink unicorn doesn’t exist.
    By what I have read on your site, you are not a Pagan (polytheistic)
    Just a monotheistic republican who encourages racism, sexism, and the many other backwards thinking things that the republican party exhibits.
    There were republicans in the past who did things to help people/country, not so with the republican party of today.
    And no, Atheism is not a religion, we don’t have a deity, we have no need for ‘faith’ that a deity will do something etc…
    Someday you may realize that having an ‘Invisible friend’ is something better left to children.

    • Wow, bitter much?
      do you not know anything about New Age or Pagan beliefs. New Age belief is a branch of paganism. Further paganism does not mean polytheistic, the term literally means a faith that is not of an Abrahamic faith (But general usage excludes other major religions such as Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, etc). Usually I only find the most bigoted Christian groups assuming that New Age or Pagan means polytheistic…but thanks for expanding my knowledge that such bigotry is also within the atheist community as well.

      I consider myself a New Ager and thus I say it, but I also consider that belief to be under the larger heading of Pagan (like one can be a Lutheran, but that term is under the larger heading of Christian).

      And no I am not a polytheist (although really most so-called polytheistic religions aren’t polytheist strictly either, the Hindus believe in one god, Brahman, for whom there are many different incarnations) I believe in one single deity, but as I have expressed many times on this blog I do also pray to enlightened beings, angels, and saints.

      You claim you do not have a faith however as I have pointed out many times you hold as a fact that God does not exist even though there is no proof of this (and proving a negative is impossible), any reasonable person would define that holding a belief that is impossible to prove is s a belief based on faith.
      The rest of your rant is just ignorant bigotry and I’ll let it stand as proof of your own intellectual depth.

  4. Atheist for Humanity

    Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning “country dweller”, “rustic”[1]) is a blanket term, typically used to refer to religious traditions which are polytheistic or indigenous.

  5. Atheist for Humanity

    “The rest of your rant is just ignorant bigotry and I’ll let it stand as proof of your own intellectual depth.”

    I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran.
    I put my life on the line every day to protect your rights to believe what you want.
    That does not put me in the realm of being a bigot.
    I protected your rights with my life.
    When you say bigot, you should be looking in the mirror it seems.

    Being in this wheelchair now for the rest of my life, maybe I should have thought twice about protecting your rights to believe what you want.

    • Thank you for your service.

      But your service has nothing to do with the fact that your comments (“[You’re] Just a monotheistic republican who encourages racism, sexism, and the many other backwards thinking things that the republican party exhibits.”) are close minded and bigoted, and your service has no bearing on that fact.

      • Atheist for Humanity

        It’s the republicans (now) that are closed minded and bigoted, they prove it on a daily basis by their actions.
        Everything you write in your blog is bigoted against something/someone
        That they are wrong and you are right…that is a bigot.

  6. I have been reading the diatribe of the atheist and am confused as he keeps rambling off into different areas. Atheist called Cris a bigot, racist, and sexist and I am waiting for some proof of those statements. I can find no references in any of Cris’ writings that would lead any person to that sort of judgement. Then when he demonstrates his bigotry he becomes upset when you mention it. Dear Atheist I also honor your service but that does not allow you to attack people and put yourself on a pedestal if you will not actually continue to back the ideals that you were suppose to represent.

  7. Atheist you seem to have an excuse for everything – if you do not like people who believe in God then have nothing to do with them – if you do not like rational principled Republicans then hang with your brainless lemming Liberals and don’t bother reading rational writings of conservatives. You will not find the sympathy you strive for here.

  8. BoogerBreath

    Ummm but atheism is not a religion? Every point after “Atheists try and portray themselves as the religion of peace” is null because atheist are not some well defined group of anything just people who don’t buy into to any god. That is it. Some may be outspoken and political some may not, some may be vegans some not, some may wipe sitting and some standing but that has nothing to do with atheism. Some people do not believe in a deity get over it.

    • Atheism is a belief based on an unprovable tenet of faith. You hold a point of knowledge that there is no God. You don’t have evidence for this and in fact you can’t because proving a negative (God does not exist) is logically impossible. Yet you believe this point without evidence or logic.

      That is a point of faith.

      That faith dictates your metaphysics and ethics.

      So it is a system that is based on a point of faith (that has no facts or logic behind it) that tells you what the universe is and how it acts, and informs you on how you should act as a person…
      …but it’s not a religion. Uh-huh.

      • Openly

        Not sure if never researched or thoroughly discussed the term atheism.

        • I don’t usually comment on grammar, I write so much there are tons of errors that I don’t catch that usually I’m in no position to comment on other people’s errors…but I gather from your comment that you’re trying to suggest that I’m utterly ignorant of the meaning of the word Atheism, so you’re fair game…my advice is that when you’re trying to be that arrogant and insulting in a single sentence, you not forget the word “you”. When you write 5 page at a time errors here and there are forgivable…one sentence, kind of sad.

          Okay, let’s go through this again
          Atheism: A belief in something without any proof for that belief (you have no proof that God doesn’t exist). In the real world we call that faith. And I believe that a belief system based on faith is called a religion. (…/)

          Atheism’s only distinction is their stupidity at thinking their faith is reason even though the actual preponderance of the evidence is for there being a God (…so it’s not just faith, it’s faith that denies the evidence available (which puts them on par with the wacky Christians who don’t believe in evolution).

          Pretending that its different than any other religion is silly. It’s a belief system based on faith. And with the exception of Islam, there is probably no belief system more intolerant, more opposed to freedom of choice, more violent, and more hell bent on violently enforcing its beliefs on everyone.

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