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I’ve commented on the TSA’s incompetence in previous posts.

I’ve also shared some horror stories about TSA abuse.

And I’ve posted many jokes about the Keystone Cops of airport security (for more laughs, see this, this, this, and this).

But this graphic, sent to me by Tony Shin, is a superb visual display of what the TSA really means.

TSA Waste
Created by: OnlineCriminalJusticeDegree.com

All of this underscores why the private sector would do a better job.

Unfortunately, the Obama White House seems more interested in using airport security as an opportunity to expand the universe of unionized bureaucrats.

And to make matters worse, it’s very distressing that the ideologues in the Obama Administration are trying to reverse the very successful policy of arming pilots (many of whom are former military).

Remember, this poster sums up everything that happens in Washington.

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GOP Brokered Convention Won’t Be Happening

Excellent historical analysis of why a brokered convention would be a terrible idea…

GOP Brokered Convention Won’t Be Happening.


Brokered conventions, practically by definition, are a disaster. They have rarely ever produced a nominee that went on to win in the general election.  The reason should be fairly obvious to anyone who takes a moment to think about it.  In the end, no faction gets what they want. The nominee of a brokered convention ends up being the one person upon whom all factions of the party can agree upon – the lowest common denominator.  The last brokered GOP convention gave us Thomas Dewey as our candidate in 1948, and of course, we all remember how Dewey trounced Truman in that election cycle, don’t we?

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