Forget the Presidential Primary For Just A Minute…

Next week Paul Ryan and the Budget Committee release the new House Budget. Based on the last Ryan plan (which got shot down, in no small part to liberal idiots referring to genius as “right wing social engineering”) on again this will be a work of intelligence, foresight and reason…you know as opposed to everything this administration does. Now I have no illusions that whatever Ryan proposes will make it past the Senate (and even if it does, the socialist-in-chief will veto it)…but that does not mean we should not push this as far as we can. If we can get it into the Senate then at least Democratic members in committee will be forced to put a vote down on record against it. If we can get it to the floor of the Senate then we can get them on record of voting against solving problems. We need to push this as far as we can to make sure we have an argument not just against Obama, but against every single defender of his destructive policies in the House and all the Democrats up for reelection in the Senate.

If we win the White House but don’t keep the House or take the Senate this is still a wash. We need both Houses of Congress and the Oval Office. And the before we can influence swing voters we need to be as educated ourselves on the facts of what is in the budget and why it is the only way to move forward.

I have included a brief selection of Ryan’s videos (his YouTube Channel has a lot more) and a link to his website. The new budget is not up yet, but if you review last years it will begin to familiarize you with the overall argument.


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