The Problem with liberals

Okay, the title is a little misleading…if I was going to discuss the problems with liberals in any kind of comprehensive way it would be in the form of a series of volumes that would make the entire Encyclopedia Britannica seem like light pamphlet reading. But, the fact of the matter is that I have been hitting the dumb end of the Republican party for quite some time and I felt the need to point out that while there are some big government idiots in the GOP who don’t seem to understand that this is supposed to be the party of conservatism, especially economic conservatism (which is the only thing that can win against Obama), rather than the party of stupidity and Santorum (but I repeat myself).

But back to the idiots that are liberals…while I would like to just deal with them like this…

..I am not the governor of anything and thus actually have to spend time articulating why they are the dumbest SOB’s on the planet.

Lately it’s been a complete inability to distinguish the forest from the trees—they can not distinguish relevant facts from irrelevant ones.

The lastest row over contraception is more than obvious. Yes, part of the Republican Party is also here to blame over this, but trust me the majority of the Republican Party does not want to ban birth control they just don’t want to pay for it. Hell, I would bet if not the majority then a heavy plurality of most Republicans would ignore abortion if you just promised a that not a single cent of tax payer money from federal to the local level would ever go to pay for them (Only 20% are against abortions in all cases…and I don’t think Republicans could ever get elected with only 20% ). And only a few liberals I know understand what a dangerous precedent it is to allow the government to tell religions what they can and can’t do, and what businesses have to provide. Only a few seem to understand that the powers that allow a feast of entitlements from President Obama are the same powers that can allow a President Santorum to force of famine of liberties.

And then there is the idiocy of misunderstanding relevant details from irrelevant ones. If you pay attention to the comment section of this blog you might have noticed the repeated posts by some liberal idiot who wanted to talk about ketchup making practices in 1900 as proof that businesses cannot be trusted. Uh-huh, I don’t quite understand why he didn’t just quote The Jungle, as it would be more relevant to the hideous food practices of the late 19th/early 20th century, but aside from finding out odd but utterly irrelevant details…I don’t think the practices of over a century ago are exactly great justification for the utter and abysmal failure that the modern FDA with it’s allowable levels of rat feces and years of salmonella outbreaks. (Oh he also seemed to use the Chinese as an example of why capitalism doesn’t work…this left me very confused. It’s like using leeching as an example of why all modern medicine doesn’t work. But anyway…back to understanding the difference between historical examples and modern realities…)

Look at the arguments around unions. Yes, unions needed to be created and they needed laws to allow their creation, and in many cases they needed protection…but that was then. Now unions and their leadership are worse than any robber baron of yore and far more destructive to the fabric of the society and the economy. Laws now need to be put in place to protect the right to work, the right to fire incompetence (especially in the teaching profession…although since teachers are professional nowadays they don’t need a union) and the old arguments that liberals keep trotting out are no longer relevant.

Here I’ll throw liberals a bone…Governments are great at building infrastructure, but they’re terrible at maintaining them. Highways, the post office, public education, the national park service, and yes even the FDA. I will grant that these organizations would either never been created purely by the private sector or would have taken a very long and circuitous route to be created. But guess what, just because they once could make a reasonable argument for the need of government intervention to help create these things at some point in history does not mean you need government intervention to maintain them. In fact the reasonable argument is against that. Look at the post office. Certainly at its creation there was no one with the resources other than a central government that could maintain such a valuable and necessary organization. But nowadays we have FedEx ,UPS, and DHL. The Post Office is no longer needed. Get rid of it’s legally enforced monopoly, allow private carriers to handle first class mail and undercut the post office on pricing and you will find the post office will become largely obsolete. Yes we’ll probably have to keep some of it around, maybe 5-10% (probably sent to the states to administrate) which will do weekly delivery of random mail, but trust me the bloated overpaid inefficient bureaucracy will no longer exist. Private companies will do it better and faster.

Same with roads as John Stossel has pointed out time and time again. Private companies maintain and service roads far better than any government agency, and they make a profit doing it while keeping traffic down and drivers far happier.

And the same goes with the FDA, it’s pointless to argue if private industry would have ever come up with a similar private industry given time because that in some alternate universe that didn’t happen. The FDA was created. It served a purpose. The question is now who would run it better the Federal government or states? Or spin it off into two or three competing private companies? And all experience shows that the private sector can do a better job. Actually to give you an example the hospitals in country monitor themselves through private companies – when you hear that a hospital is JACHO compliant – this is a private company that hospitals pay to review them. The government follows the lead by penalizing a hospital that is not JACHO compliant up to even shutting them down.

But do argument and reason and modern realities matter? Nope. And I’m not perfect, but I try to reason with them. I get quite snarky and insulting but I do primarily use reason. And I get back drivel and insults because, for the most part, liberals can’t focus on what’s important and just start throwing hissy fits over their useless information.

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