Weekly Meditation: The Power of Water

Water has a powerful cleansing and energizing effect…not just physically but spiritually as well.  Most New Agers believe, all matter has attached to it certain fields of energy that are either positive or negative (most physical item seem to retain negative energy more easily than positive by the mere nature that it requires intelligence and a soul to create and disperse positive energy).  If this is true than the daily layer of dead skin, sweat and dirt we acquire on us is a mild drag on our spiritual selves.  Conversely clean water is one of the easiest sources of positive energy in the spiritual world.  Thus it become clear why in the ancient world (where bathing was not a daily practice) ritual bathing for European pagans and most religions of the Middle East, baptism, or dunking oneself in rivers like the Ganges in India was alway such a sacred, revered and important experience (you were often cleaning off days, if not weeks or months of negatively charged grime).  Nowadays this experience does not do as much as it might have because we seldom not collect a layer of dust (nor is bathing in the Ganges physically cleansing anymore)…but the water is still pure and full of energy.  The only problem is that you are most receptive to that energy when you are in the water.

So while you shower or bathe every day repeat a meditation, mantra or prayer as you let the water run over you.  I will suggest the following prayer that we have been using for the last two weeks.

 My life is filled with abundance, safety and prosperity
My emotional are balanced and in tune with light of Heaven
My will is strong and one with God’s
I love and am loved and know the love of God
I speak and create beauty and truth inspired by God
I see the complete truth and the now through the light of God
I am one with God

Now if you have another prayer or mantra that works better for you, use it, but for all this week focus on your connection to your higher self and God as you let water wash over you.

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