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Five in a row…Mitt looks to Super Tuesday…

I prefer the written word…but I understand how video and audio can do so much more….so here are some of this week’s highlights for Team Romney.

My first choice Michelle Bachmann says some great things about my current choice Mitt Romney…

O’Reilly and Romney…notice what Romney does for charity…

Ann Coulter and O’Reilly on Romney

Ann and Mitt Romney after winning Michigan and Arizona

…In other news Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh,and Barrack Obama duke it out for the idiot of the year award…this is going to be a photo finish.

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Weekly Meditation: Namaste and the Chakras

This week I would like you to continue with the morning and evening meditations from last week to keep your chakras balanced and connected to the energy of Heaven.  But this week I want to add a simple meditation throughout the day.

How simple?

I want to you say one word.

Namaste.  The word that roughly means: “The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

Now I know we’ve done this one before too, but done together this will not only help your balance your chakras but connect you other people through compassion and love which will not only send love to them, but in turn have it reflect back to you (creating a slight feedback loop of positive energy…)

So every person you see silently say to yourself “Namaste.”   Every person you pass in the store, on the street, in the office, everywhere.  If you miss one don’t worry.  Just get the next person.

These two practices together will lift your energy and make you feel better the whole week.

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Observations on Sandy Fluke and Government overreach…

[Editor’s Note: We at the Conservative New Ager would like to welcome ConservativeCathy as she joins this blog…hopefully this will be the first of many]

I have taken a few days to review this in my mind and I am still appalled in many ways regarding Sandra Fluke’s congressional testimony and comments afterwards.

I am a strong feminist but not in the way the left has taken the concept. So there are many words or thoughts that come to mind in listening to Sandra and others.

I first do not understand why someone deserves something from the government strictly because they are a woman.

I do not understand why someone’s rights trump someone else’s strictly because they are a woman.

I do not understand why contraception is a medical issue (knowing that there are some exceptions but not the norm – and those alone are medical issues but no other use) along with strictly a woman’s issue.

I do not understand why people feel they are entitled to something just because they want it.

I do not understand why sob stories outweigh facts and why the minority always trumps the majority. Why what is right is never considered in the larger scheme.

Why men want to always jump into areas where they should not really publicly comment on their opinions. Why women are not standing up and complaining about the insults being purported by them.

Well now that I got some of that out of my system I would like to address in detail some of the statements and implications of Sandra Fluke.

Based on the original concept of feminism – women are to be treated equally. I suppose then we need to offer vasectomies free for men to be fair as that is the way they can treat contraception – no pills for them. I digress though as the original debate regarding this issue was not the actual contraception but the government forcing an individual, business or organization to conduct themselves against their own moral or religious beliefs. Certainly unconstitutional. Everyone seems to forget that your rights end when they interfere with someone else’s. Nowhere can Sandra demonstrate that she has the right to contraception to the exclusion of the rights of others to not pay for her wants or against a religious or moral principle. Anyway the public needs to always ask By What Right can this occur. Someone’s wants and desires are not a right. Forcing a business to provide something for free (and nothing is ever free) has never been a right.

Now let’s deal with some of Sandra’s statements (don’t you wonder why she is repeating stories and others are not giving first hand accounts). As stated previously contraception in most cases and the actual reason for the drug is not medical. Medical insurance is supposed to cover medical procedures, visits and pharmaceuticals. Although this drug must be a prescription written by a doctor it is for convenience (90+% of the time). Sandra’s need for the drug is within this category. She does not have enough money to purchase a drug that makes her life easier and more convenient but does not provide a medical benefit. So if the government wanted to help Sandra and all those like her they could just subsidize the cost of the drug. That would actually be cheaper, involve less issues. Still would be using our tax dollars to fund her mere convenience and nothing more and so again would go against many people’s personal morals and religious beliefs. So maybe Sandra should do some investigation and find places like Wal-Mart that may provide her drugs at a lower price. But I really do not care as again this is not my (or the government’s) issue – it is Sandra’s personal issue – get over it. Here I will also comment on others (men) who felt the need to participate in the debate. They veered off the original discussion – religious rights versus government rights. Now being of the same age group of many of the men I heard discuss this I can understand the reaction (I also understood that it was a joke based on truthful beliefs but so crass) but it does not help to add personal insults to the argument and it had nothing to do with the actual argument. It made the right look as stupid and evil as the left and put those men on the same level as those they disagreed with. When promoting a religious/moral value one should maintain that level and not drop down to the gutter. Now as to Sandra’s response – get over it – if you are going to be an attorney you will probably hear worse so now would be a good time to develop a thicker skin and realize that when people speak from the gutter they are not worthy of listening to or caring about.

Sandra has a friend that has polycystic disease. Did Sandra investigate this and look it up – I did. Generally with this disease they do not want you to take contraceptives, as your problem is hormone related. But Sandra or I are not doctors so with acknowledging that there are always exceptions to all rules we will go on. I actually have some personal experience with this particular story (and since my experience is over 30+ years ago and I believe medical science keeps improving I question the rest of this story). Sandra states that since her friend could no longer afford her contraceptives (which were for medical reasons) that she stopped taking them and developed a benign cyst the size of a tennis ball and so this needed to be removed surgically. (I developed a cyst the size of a grapefruit and once they determined it was benign all they did was drain it). In surgically removing her cyst they also removed an ovary (most women come with 2). I also had an ovary removed (along with the grapefruit sized cyst as it had refilled when they went in to remove endometriosis that was extreme. So now, based on my own experience when Sandra states that after having the ovary removed the girl went into menopause I question that. I became pregnant and had two children after my surgery and did not go into menopause until my late 40’s. I am just wondering why no one questions this story as told and accepts it as totally accurate without further info. Again it must be that everyone is supposed to feel bad when sob stories are told and not think too much.

Then Sandra spoke to a girl who was raped and thought that it would not be covered by the insurance. Really! This is a girl going to Georgetown University? Who would use the excuse of insurance when it comes to reporting a rape! What has insurance company to do with that?? But again we are supposed to accept that story as told and just feel bad.

Now let’s go back to my own experience and knowledge. Sandra states that even when the insurance company was informed that the contraceptives were for medical reasons they refused to cover the expense. My decades of experience working in hospitals has led me to believe that if a doctor really wants treatment for their patient they will fight for it and they will get it as it comes down to if the doctor really makes an issue they have to give in as they (the insurance companies) do not have medical licenses and can not diagnose. Now many doctors really do not feel it is worth the trouble but if there were a real medical need the doctor would intervene and the medication or treatment would be forthcoming and covered. This then goes back to patient responsibility to ensure that they have a concerned involved doctor and that they work to make sure they get the best care possible. Let’s all live in the real world and admit that it has been harder since government involvement in the medical arena (starting with HMO’s and now Obamacare) and it will only get worse so maybe we could admit the truth and stop interfering in areas that we have no business being involved in as a government.

Now that I have vented (there were other stories but I think I have made my point) can we all get beyond this and back to the original argument – It is specifically unconstitutional to have the government direct people to pay for something that goes against religious beliefs and it is unconstitutional for government to tell a business what they will and will not provide. There is nothing else relevant to this discussion!


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Shows for New Agers: Touch

“There’s an ancient Chinese myth about the Red Thread of Fate. It says that the gods have tied a red thread around every one of our ankles and attached it to all the people whose lives we’re destined to touch. This thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”

Touch.  This is a show of epic proportions and everyone should watch it.

So I was slow to watch this show, I’ll admit, for two reasons.  The first being I don’t own a TV (I eventually did download it…and in an unusually intelligent move by FOX they are still allowing anyone to download it for free on iTunes).  The second being as interesting as the show sounded, it had a hint of Kiefer Sutherland racing against a clock to stop something terrible from happening…and somehow that sounded a little too familiar.

Touch is the story of Martin Bohm (Sutherland) a very successful journalist who is now working odd jobs to help pay for the care of his autistic son.  This is difficult as his wife was in Twin Towers on 9/11 and his autistic son has a really bad habit of escaping his special needs school and climbing cell phone towers.  But what begins to make his life infinitely more complicated is that there appears to be a method to the random behavior of his son.  His son somehow sees how even the slightest variable affects the entire world.  And in the first episode, climbing the cell tower at a certain time, setting a few cell phones to ring at certain time and leaving a few numbers to be found he engineers a way for a bus of school children to be saved, stop a terrorist bombing, launch a woman’s singing career, and save a couple’s relationship.  Oh, and convince his father that he can see the larger pattern.  The episode ends with Martin convinced that his new purpose in life must be to follow the clues his son gives him to help make the world a better place.  And if you think I’ve given spoilers, I haven’t.  Because even knowing this won’t spoil the emotional force that the end of this episode has.  If you have any humanity you will be crying.  And it is not often that TV can make me cry…and certainly this is the first Pilot with characters I have not invested years into has made me cry.  If even a tenth of the shows in this series are half as moving, this show, no matter how long it lasts will be one of the most powerful and well written shows in history.

While I don’t know if the New Age aspects are necessarily intentional this show does have three main themes that are very near and dear to New Agers.

The first is interconnectedness.  New Agers believe that everything in the world, that everything, even small things, even mere thoughts, can ripple through the universe, compounding with one another, reinforcing one another until they reach a critical mass of change in the course of a life, a town, a nation…or the whole world.  We believe that every act can change the world for the better, and thus every act becomes infinitely important.  This show reveals how even small things can compound and make massive differences.  Only one or two events were necessary to convince Martin Bohm of the power of small events to change the world for the better, and what makes this show demonstrate a touch of genius I can only hope continues through the other episodes is that he doesn’t even have a clue how far his and his son’s actions spread.  The show begins and ends with the story of the Chinese myth of the red thread of fate….I have a feeling that this all encompassing thread will be discussed in even more detail in future episodes.  We leave traces on the world that we never know about, and this show seems to understand this.

The second New Age point that this show seems to embrace is the idea of purpose, that each of our lives has a purpose and a meaning.  We may or may not live up to that purpose, but we have one.  And it is only by embracing it that we will find true happiness.  Through embracing his purpose, to help his son, Martin Bohm finally finds a sliver of peace and happiness in his life.  I can only hope that this continues to grow.

And finally the last New Age concept is love.  Now certainly New Agers do not hold a monopoly on this concept, but we do embrace it whole heartedly.  Parents.  Children.  Spouses.   Friends.  Even the concern for strangers.  All are embraced in this first episode in truly moving ways and I think that speaks very well for where this show is headed.

My one worry about this show is how long it can last.  Inevitably there can be no lasting relationship between father and son, for to end his autism is to ruin the premise and without making it a character drama it becomes boring and episodic.  But even if it only lasts for a season or two, it will be well worth it.


And since FOX is still giving the Pilot away for free on iTunes and a few other places I would say you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

“Today we’ll send over 300 billion e-mails and 19 billion text messages.  Yet we’ll still feel alone…  The average person will say 2,250 words to 7.4 other individuals.  Will these words be used to hurt or to heal? There’s an ancient Chinese myth about the Red Thread of Fate…”

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