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Santorum Doesn’t Understand That He Lost Does He

(you don’t need to watch the whole thing…but you know me I like to show I didn’t take things out of context)

Did you catch Santorum’s speech after Michigan and Arizona? By his attitude you wouldn’t know that he lost by over 20 points in one state and even cheating couldn’t win the other. Look at how happy he is. I don’t think he gets he lost. And lost big. Because don’t forget 9% of those who voted were Dems. And they were 53% for Santorum. So that gap between Romney and Santorum is actually a bit bigger.

But as always, it’s the words that spew out of his mouth with no discernable purpose that have to make you go “huh?” Here’s a random sampling.

“Wow, a month ago, they didn’t know who we are, but they do now.”

Yeah Rick that’s kind of the problem. We learned what a psycho and liberal you are. And I’m sorry but you got the vote of Obama Democrats and nut jobs who think that the only function of government is hatin’ us some gay and bannin’ abortion.

“And the people of Michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates, and all I have to say is: I love you back.”

Yes, yes they did look into the heart of the candidates. And sane people didn’t vote for you. In fact the majority of people didn’t vote for you.

“But my mom’s is a very — well, unusual person for her time. She’s someone who — who did get a college education in the — in the 1930s, and was a nurse, and got a graduate’s degree, even, as a nurse, and worked full time.”

What a snob she must be. Goin’ and getting’ one of them highfalutin’ college degrees. I am usually a fan of women working if they choose to…however clearly Mrs. Santorum did not stay at home enough and beat common sense into her dipshit son. Shame on her. Well I’m just glad he’s stopped talking about how much he admires his communist grandfather.

“It’s getting harder for people to make ends meet, because we have a government that is crushing us every single day with more taxes, more regulations, and the idea that they know better than you how to run your life.”

Would those have been the regulations and taxes put in by your union friends Rick?

And what he’s not adding, what we all know he’s thinking is, “The government and Obama don’t know better than you. I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU.”

“Are we a country that believes in big government?”

Judging from your voting record Ricky, you do.

“ Do we believe in the smart and elite in this country to manage us?”

Okay I get the use of the word “elite”…but “smart”? Yes I do believe the smart people should be in charge. That’s what the major complaint against Democrats and the religious wackjob wing of the Republican party is, that they’re morons. That intelligence is required to govern. That we need thought and reason and knowledge and virtue guiding us…not idiots who follow whims. I know what he’s trying to say…but the choice of the word “smart” instead of say “intelligentsia” or “ivory tower” or “arrogant” or any word to convey the appearance of intelligence without the existence of it, that would be fine…But “smart” in conjunction with his “college is for snobs” remark really scares me. I agree that the ivory tower elites who ponder ideas that have no basis in reality shouldn’t be in complete control, but that doesn’t mean education and intelligence are to avoided (as Santorum’s Freudian slips keep suggesting). If “aristocracy” literally means government by the best…what word means government by the dumbest (no, besides Obama)?

Also do you notice how he uses the word manage without explicitly condemning it. I may be reading too much into this (not really when you take it in context of everything else he says) but it seems to suggest that he thinks it is the government’s job to manage us, just so long as it’s him doing it.

“Or do you believe in free people and a free economy and building a great America from the bottom up? What do you say?”

I believe in freedom and capitalism, Rick. You published a book bluntly and explicitly condemning them. Probably had to do with your hatred of those smart and edjurmacated (since I assume his devote followers don’t have the education to pronounce words properly) Protestants who wrote the Declaration and Constitution. (I would also bring up that Ann Coulter points out that you don’t know anything about the Constitution. In fact you may know less about it than Obama.)

At that point in the speech there was some REALLY weak applause. I want to find the people who did applaud because I have some lovely bridges to sell them.

He continued for no purpose…and certainly no where in this does he acknowledge that even by cheating he couldn’t win.

“We put forward a plan the Wall Street Journal calls supply-side economics for the working man, the working men and women of this country, to be able to get those jobs in manufacturing, to be able to get those skills, provide for their family. The average manufacturing job in America pays $20,000 more a year than the average job in America.”

Dear God in Heaven, shut the f!@# up about manufacturing! It’s not 1890 you idiot! Yes, if we have pro-growth policies manufacturing will rebound a great deal, but that is not the future of this nation, it’s the past, and you keep treating it like it’s the newest idea on the block. Have you heard of advanced technology, research, and computers? Oh, no, because those are jobs that require…what’s the term?…college degrees.

And Rick do you know why it’s 20K more, because half those jobs are union. And I hate to tell you this, the goddamn unions are the enemy. They are more corrupt than any business they were formed to oppose and have rigged the system to encourage the most corrupt, most overpaid, most under-working, most useless bunch of steady Democratic voters in history. If you let the free market determine salaries and not unions backed by their corrupt lawmakers (yes, Rick, I mean you) then manufacturing jobs wouldn’t pay that much. That’s why companies leave America, there is no reason to pay someone 20K above the average for a job that requires no education.  Like Obama, you’re trying to pick winners and not let the market operate itself.  If you knew the first thing about economics you would know that never works.

“All of our economic plan is based on a very simple concept, based on what’s worked for America from its very founding.”

Following Founding principles does not mean following Alexander Hamilton’s plan to expand manufacturing and industry to the letter…you do know this, right, Rick?

“I wave this Constitution at every speech,”

You might want to try reading it sometime.

“and I talk about it being the operator’s manual of America. It’s how America works. It’s the “how” of America. But there’s another document equally important, which is the “why” of America, and that’s the Declaration of Independence. And in that Declaration is these words, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.'”

Shocker he doesn’t bother to mention that Right to pursue Happiness….you know the one he will do everything in his power to stop.

“The men and women who signed that Declaration of Independence wrote this final phrase: We pledge to each other — we pledge to each other our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor.”

I’m beginning to see that Rick’s knowledge of history is spotty at best. Which women signed the Declaration? Rick, just because they had long hair doesn’t mean they’re women.

Okay Rick. You give like 4% of your ill-gotten fortune to charity and you have no honor to speak of…could you please treat your life the same way and make it go away from the public eye.

I could go on but quite frankly it just started getting rambling and disorganized to a greater degree. It almost reminded me of that last scene in Inherit the Wind where the prosecutor after losing the case start rambling in a plea just to be treated like he was important. Rick did not have the manners to exit as gracefully as the character in the play.


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