Stupid quote of the day

This quote comes from an article I found on Big Government but was originally from USA Today, a news source I always turn to when I want weaker reporting and prose than I would find in the New York Times…or Pravda.

“If they used Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care program as a guideline for the Obamacare thing, what’s the difference?”

I’m going to ignore giving you the name of the person who said this, or their profession, because I blame the idiot reporter for repeating this tripe more than I do the person for saying it.  (And shame on Big Government for repeating it without critique).

Now I’ve pointed out differences with Obamacare and Romneycare before, and they are numerous and important as they create radically different systems.  But let’s even ignore simple little things like facts…I’ve never known them to get in the way of most MSM reports anyway.

Let’s instead look at how silly that statement is in other historical contexts

“If they used Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence as a guideline for the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror Rights of Man thing, what’s the difference?”

“If they used Darwin’s Origin of the species as a guideline for Nazi Germany’s systematic genocide thing, what’s the difference?”

“If they used quotes from the Bible as a guideline for a that whole justification of slavery thing, what’s the difference?”

“If they used that “General Welfare” thing  for the entitlement state thing, what’s the difference? We should just do away with it?”

John Adams once said that “facts are stubborn things.”  And they are.  They will always come back to bite  you in reality.  Unfortunately, facts, and the context they exist in, do not seem to be stubborn enough to have an influence on the mainstream media or on the voting public.

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