Politics and Music Videos

So starting a couple years ago I noticed a new trend with conservative/libertarian media…in that they were coming out with music videos to highlight their principles. Now even I who prefer the long drawn out arguments of Aristotle or Hamilton (have you seen the length of some of my blogs?) found many of these entertaining (to varying levels). Now certainly these are fun…but I’m just curious are these just preaching to the choir or do they actually work to convince anyone? I have no real point here, but I am curious about what anyone may have to comment about this movement. Are we trying to beat the Dems at their own game of appealing to the lowest common denominator (I’m sure we all remember the wasteland of pointless trash of “Yes we can”) or are we actually appealing to people of reason and thought?

And while I’m not sure this is entirely conservative…it does tend to the conservative veneration of the Founders…

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