Per Capita Debt Reaches $1.5 Million For Every Child Born Today

Because this kind of debt isn’t the very definition of insanity…does any seriously still believe it’s only a revenue problem?

Bourbon Conviction

February 24, 2012 – Here are some disturbing statistics that involve the insane spending habits of Washington, D.C. that involve your children’s future:

  • Children born today will inherit a per capita share of the national debt exceeding $1.5 million, a new study reveals. Republican analysts on the Senate Budget Committee used figures from the Congressional Budget Office to calculate the relative share of the national debt–currently $16 trillion and counting–among different age groups.
  • The office of Senator Jeff Sessions, ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, sends along this chart, showing that ‘America’s Per Capita Government Debt is Worse Than Greece,’ as well as Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain.

  • Without much fanfare, US debt to GDP hit 101% with the latest issuance of $32 billion in 2 Year Bonds. If the moment when this ratio went from double to triple digits is still fresh in readers minds, is…

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