Taking a very brief break from politics

Campaign season is burning me out just a little.  So I’m going to try (emphasis on the try part) to take a short break on politics for a few days (maybe a week)…


But let this suffice until after the Arizona/Michigan votes as all encompassing commentary that will probably fit any day for the next month.


Mitt Romney said some very conservative things today.  He was largely ignored.  The left wing media pulled some clips out of context and made him seem heartless.  The right wing media also pulled some clips out of context, ignored his entire record, and called him a liberal.


Rick Santorum said some crazy ass things today.  That or he announced that he actually works for The Onion  and they wanted to see how long people would believe an actor trying to parody the villains from a Dan Brown novel could keep it up before someone called him on it.  Oh and I’m sure the devil had something to do with it.  Oh most of the left wing media will continue to ignore all of his insanity, and the right wing media will continue to ignore his life-long act that seems hell bent on restoring the Soviet Union here in America…but you know with an added theocracy flavor.


Newt blew the good will he built up in the last debate by opening his mouth today.  Yes we all agree he comes up with wonderful quips during a debate but then he opens his mouth outside of a debate and you remember what a sleazy piece of crap he is.


Ron Paul said something very brilliant about economics today…and then totally blew it by talking about foreign policy.


Eric Holder did something illegal today as he does every day that ends in “y.”


Barrack Obama did something dumb today.  And he wasted millions of dollars in tax money today.


Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Allen West, and Michelle Bachmann all said something brilliant, conservative and true today.  They were promptly ignored by everyone.


Bill O’Reilly, nice guy, said something today that shows he did not take enough classes in economics.


Joss Whedon wrote something Shakespearianly brilliant today.  This has nothing to do with politics, but it is a fact.


China, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and N. Korea did something unspeakably evil today.  Obama became their best friend.


Israel again ran the odds of waiting until next January when they have support or just getting it over with now.


Hollywood greenlit a crappy movie that should be burned even before it is filmed.  Again nothing to do with politics, just a daily fact of life.


Both sides in the Syrian conflict once again showed that they’re both evil.


Paul Krugman said something astoundingly stupid today.



There, I promise you that this will cover everything for at least the next week (if not month)



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