As yet another Republican primary debate blows by the airwaves and as yet another round of anti-Romney rhetoric ushers forth from the usual cadre of bloggers and big-mouthed talk show hosts, us political peons out here in the hinterland can only take our heads in our hands in response to the self-destructive hubris of the conservative anti-Establishment.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh, who has spent the last few weeks using his 3-hour radio talk show to niggle and nag at all things Romney while at the same time popping out simpering paeans to Santorum, I’ve come to the no brainer conclusion that whether classified as the dreaded Republican Establishment or proffered as the populist Tea Party contingent, when it comes to political savvy and sophistication, they’re all a bunch of pompous jackasses.  And it seems Ann Coulter agrees.

In 2008, Romney was enthusiastically supported not only by Limbaugh and Levin, but…

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