Debate Predictions and Recommendations

From what I’ve been seeing here is what will likely happen in tomorrow’s debate…plus some advice (hopes) that I know will not be making it to Romney, but it’s still an emotional stress relief for me to say it.

From Left to Right: The Fundamentalist Wackjob, The Conservative, The First Emperor of the Moon, Fruitcake...hey, I at least make my bias clear.


It appears that as much as Ron Paul hates all three of his opponents, he hates Rick Santorum the most. I think we will see Paul use every chance he has to insult the psychotic fundamentalist.  (On a side note, when commentator’s at Breitbart’s “Bigs” are hitting Santorum despite their clear editorial bias against Romney, you know Santorum is in trouble.  )

Newt also will hit Santorum.  He will hit Romney too, but he has to show why he is not just better than Romney (he’s not) but also that he is better than Santorum (tough call, they’re both sleazy career politicians who can be bought for the right price, so the question is do you prefer arrogant philandering or sanctimonious insanity?).  Of course there exists the distinct possibility that Newt will ignore everyone on stage and spend the entire debate yelling at the moderator…Newt does wacky shit like that, it’s too bad we can’t elect him Court Jester.


And given the extreme insanity of Santorum and his campaign over the last few days (questioning theology, defense of the aspiring joke, saying Obama’s a Muslim, running completely on social issues and ignoring the real issue of the economy, not to mention his uber-liberal voting record and the fact that he is absolutely opposed to liberty in any form) they’re going to have a lot to hit him with.  A lot.


And with any luck, given that the polls in Michigan and even Georgia are beginning to trend in Romney’s favor, if Ron and Newt sufficiently bloody Santorum then Mitt will come out ahead next week.

The one problem is going to be that when Santorum is not on defensive he’ll be attacking Romney.  Not that he’ll have anything relevant to say, but here is where it is up to Romney.  Mitt has to turn every attack, deflect it and the use that as a springboard to hit Obama.  Every single time.  Mitt has to use every chance he has to hit Obama and hit him hard and never really care about the other three people on stage.


And I’ll admit he needs to loosen up a bit.  I have listened to him enough to know when he is passionate about something, and he’s passionate about America and about freedom, but he has spent so much of his life clearly trying to keep his emotions under control in public and he needs to let them out a little.


That and I want to again hear “I am convinced that if we do our job, if we lead with conviction and integrity, that history will record the Obama Presidency as the last gasp of liberalism’s great failure and a turning point for a new conservative era.”  That is the line he needs to hit hard.  That was, hands down, the greatest line from all of CPAC and it needs to be repeated.


Now I have faith that Mitt will keep his eyes on the prize and focus on attacking Obama.  And I have faith that Santorum will be the crazy asshole he always is, but I really hopes he makes a major campaign destroying gaffe…you know like he’s been doing for days but the liberal media refuses to give those quotes the attention they deserve because they know Obama can beat Santorum (won’t they be shocked when the public proves to be as fickle as always and actually votes the psycho in).


Of course the scene I would love to see more than any other won’t occur…I would love it if they gave Congressional candidate Martha McSally a few minutes to deliver a message to Santorum in person.


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2 responses to “Debate Predictions and Recommendations

  1. I would pay good money to see McSally deliver her personal message to Santorum.

    • We all would. In fact I think we should use that as a way to solve the national debt problem. Every $20 donation to pay off the debt and you get to see McSally deliver her message. We would be out of debt in three years.

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