Weekly Meditation: A Crown Chakra Mantra

This is going to seem cliche…but the mantra to chant to increase the energy of the seventh chakra is chanting “Om”.  (As with all of this mantra you should make this into three sounds, with the O first coming from the back the throat and then from the front mouth, followed by the m sound from the lips).


Sitting in the lotus position hold your hands out, finger locked, thumbs one on top of the other.  Extend your pinkies out and have them touch and then chant “Om.”  While doing this envision not just the amethyst colored chakra at the top of your head…but if you can all seven chakras over the whole length of your spine.  If you can envision all of them spinning and bright while chanting it should help to improve the balance and energy of all of them.  


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2 responses to “Weekly Meditation: A Crown Chakra Mantra

  1. Just a quick question on what you are suggesting in the Crown Chakra Mantra, is it really necessary to be in the lotus position? Many people can’t get into that position. Would sitting up straight in a chair be okay? I tend to teach people new to meditation and my main goal is to get them into a daily practice of meditation and positive exercises.

    I would love to hear your opinion.

    Nick Grimshawe

    • Well I put the lotus position because it is the best for keeping the spine straight, blood flowing, and being a relaxed physical state…which transfers into a relaxed mental and spiritual state. Obviously you should do only what you can, and if that’s a chair, so be it…but I would suggest trying each day to stretch your joints just a little further until you can achieve the lotus position. (And sorry about the delay in response, WordPress sent your comment to the spam folder, sorry).

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