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Just a question…

As I have said before I am the kind of person who will only vote FOR someone. No matter how bad the opposition is I will not vote against someone. Because the argument that the devil you don’t know can’t be worse seems to always backfire in politics. This is why, while I make fun of Santorum and Gingrich I haven’t done full on blogs on why no one in their right mind should vote for them (I did the Paul one because Paulbots are so annoying and they needed to be taken down a peg).

But I have provided my argument for why Romney is a conservative, a capitalist, a leader and a man of character.

But I open the floor…does anyone have an argument to vote FOR Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich? Or do you just knee jerk vote against people without looking into the people you’re voting for?

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International Liberty

While I’m obviously not a fan of big government, I have mixed feelings about why the public sector is so blindly wasteful.

Is it because politicians and bureaucrats are well-intentioned morons who accidentally do damage (as illustrated by this cartoon), or is it that they are venal vultures looking to grab as much loot as possible before the house of cards comes crashing down (powerfully demonstrated by this example)?

The answer is probably a combination, so the real challenge is figuring out whether specific examples of government stupidity fall into one category or another.

Let’s look at three recent examples.

First, we have a story from the surveillance state known as the United Kingdom.

On a cold, dark night on the mean streets of the UK, an undercover police officer was radioed and informed that a potential suspect was close by. Keen to do the right thing…

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