Stupid Liberal Quote of the day…Obama the Zen Master

It was a dull day and I was worried that I wouldn’t have a stupid quote of the day (because I just go off what is one the headlines I never bother to actually search for one…liberals are so helpful in usually providing idiotic pronouncements)…but luckily I found this…

I couldn’t cut the deficit in half “because this recession turned out to be deeper than any of us realized.”


I couldn’t do something that would improve the economy because the economy was in a bad shape.

I couldn’t give him a blood transfusion because he had already lost a pint of blood. I couldn’t teach him how to read because no one had ever bothered to send him to school before me. I couldn’t help you because you needed help.

Is it a Zen koan or is it just the sound of an idiot falling on his own ignorance of economics with everybody around to hear?

I wonder what branches of the government he run as fiat by koan?

What is the sound of one idiot speaking?


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2 responses to “Stupid Liberal Quote of the day…Obama the Zen Master

  1. LT

    oh oh, that works if “cut the defict” = “improve the economy”. Some people think that’s not always the case. Good to see you’re disagreeing, but that doesn’t make them idiots.

    Are all the people you disagree with are either idiots or evil (who know the Truth but hide it because of their personal agenda)? Obama is probably both, right?

    There are excellent economists on both sides of the Keynesian argument, and if you insult those you disagree with you just sound like a little angry kid. Please go ahead, it’s quite entertaining.

    You’re entitled to whatever opinions you have, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re anything more that an armchair economist and politician, probably frustrated by your day job and the fact that the world doesn’t recognize your obvious greatness. Oh the evil conspiracy. Oh the idiots. Oh the stupid liberals. You’re not fooling anybody, and only preaching to the choir of your 5 readers.

    You’re like the people who took a science class in high school and want to prove Einstein wrong. You’ve probably read 5 books on economy (but only those that don’t use equations! There must be some conspiracy to use all the math when things are obvious) and think nobel laureates in economics are idiots not seeing the obvious. Tell us, mr Pace, what are your qualifications in economic sciences?

    Oh, I see, you don’t need any. All this economy stuff is obvious for anyone who is not an idiot. And the ideal setting to debate these issues is a blog.

    The more you kick and scream and insult, the more obvious your intellectual character is. At least Sowell has some style, reputation and experience to defend what he says. Now go ahead with your little show.

    • Ah argument by stream of consciousness…how I can I possibly respond to random unsubstantiated statements. Clearly you win…you know, even though in books with math (there is a wide selection of publications from both the Austrian and Chicago school that disprove everything about Keynesian economics) and more importantly that little thing called reality where the Keynesian principles only result in disaster. I notice you don’t mention any books of either theory or data on how Keynesian principles work (although I must be honest I have never made it through “General Theory”, I keep laughing too much)…however, just a selection of some of the books on econoimcs I have read that you may find enlightening:
      The Capitalist Manifesto–Adler and Kelso
      New Ideas from Dead Economists–Bucholz
      Basic Economics–Sowell
      Applied Economics–Sowell
      Economic Facts and Fallicies–Sowell
      Knowledge and Decisions–Sowell
      Capitalism and Freedom–Friedman
      Road to Serfdom–Hayek
      Wealth of Nations–Smith
      Individualism and Economic Order–Hayek
      A Monetary History of the United State–Friedman and Schwartz (truly dull book)
      In defense of globalism–Bhagwati
      a few college text books on economic theory whose names aren’t important and numerous articles by from the Chicago and Austrian schools…not to mention all the Keynesian tripe I look over for a good laugh.

      Eat the Rich and On Wealth of Nation by P.J. O’Rourke as more lighthearted fun reads that summarize well the principles from these other sources

      These are some of the more interesting reads I have encountered
      Rather than trying to sound smart by saying I’ve only read five books…maybe you should try reading something. I know Keynesian beliefs (both the theory and the math) quite well which is why I know they’re bunk. You don’t seem to know anything but a nonsensical screed.

      Also by the way, if you happened to read anything I was not making a simple “cut the defict” = “improve the economy”. I was making a full on capitalist argument of get government out of the economy, the deficit being just one indicator of this intrusion.

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