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Stupid Liberal Quote of the day…Obama the Zen Master

It was a dull day and I was worried that I wouldn’t have a stupid quote of the day (because I just go off what is one the headlines I never bother to actually search for one…liberals are so helpful in usually providing idiotic pronouncements)…but luckily I found this…

I couldn’t cut the deficit in half “because this recession turned out to be deeper than any of us realized.”


I couldn’t do something that would improve the economy because the economy was in a bad shape.

I couldn’t give him a blood transfusion because he had already lost a pint of blood. I couldn’t teach him how to read because no one had ever bothered to send him to school before me. I couldn’t help you because you needed help.

Is it a Zen koan or is it just the sound of an idiot falling on his own ignorance of economics with everybody around to hear?

I wonder what branches of the government he run as fiat by koan?

What is the sound of one idiot speaking?


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Happy Valentine’s Day (Movies and Mitt)

For Valentine’s I of course had blogs here, here, here and here on Romantic movies and couples…

…and it appears Mitt Romney sent a love letter to capitalists.  (Be sure to send this to everyone you know in Michigan)…

oh and Happy Birthday Arizona.  100 years old today!  The last of the 48 contiguous states to enter the union, and what is apparently now the front line in the defense against illegal immigration (as demonstrated by Obama leading both a legal war against us in the courts, and a covert war against us by arming the cartels).

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