An open letter to those who oppose Romney

Dear Romney Opponents,
I get it. I really do.
In 2008 I was splitting my time between an 80 hour a week job and trying to write a book…I’ll bet you have a personal life and job and didn’t have a lot of free time on your hands also…who did, the economy was collapsing and we were all working our hardest to make sure that if cuts came wherever we were working we would be the last man standing and our lazy coworkers would not. So while we all knew we hated McCain we just got into the habit of buying his statements that Romney was a liberal, a flip-flopper, or whatever else we hate him for.

And this election cycle came around and we just fell into the pre-worn habit of disliking the man. I understand. I wanted Rudy. And when he didn’t run, I wanted Michele Bachmann. And because of this I just fell back on my preconceived notions of Romney without doing any research.

But after Iowa I had a choice to make. I knew I couldn’t support Paul, I love his statements on economics, but the man is psychotic. So who was left? And then I started doing some research.

I really began learning that I really hated Newt and Santorum. But I’m not going to go into why I dislike them. I’m the kind of person who if I don’t like candidates I don’t vote or I do write-ins. I don’t vote for the lesser of two evils, I only vote for people I support.

So I begrudgingly started looking into Mitt Romney fully expecting all my worst suspicions to be confirmed. That he was Obama-lite, that he was a flip-flopper on every issue, that he was not a conservative in any way.

But as I started doing research. I started with the all videos that show the things I knew I would dislike about him. His support of liberal policies and big government.

And strangely I found that this wasn’t the case. I found that Romneycare was a much more conservative alternative to what the liberal legislature in Massachusetts wanted to do with the state, which was basically put the whole thing under government control and just eliminate the private sector. I found that the worst aspects of it were done over his objection and veto or put in after he left office.

I found that the “flip flops” were all quotes taken out of context and when I went back to find the full speech or full statement his ideas were always consistent and logical, it was simply taking sound bites out of context with a man who has an inability to talk in sound bites (and is that really a bad thing? A man whose thought can’t be reduced to a little quip?)

I found every action, every choice, every move and every decision was a conservative one. I found that a man of character and experience who doesn’t come off with oodles of charisma because he’s got a secure hold of his personal psyche that he doesn’t need to seek self-aggrandizement. I found a man of achievement who can get things done that is simultaneously pragmatic in the long term and conservative.

And here I am going to challenge you. Do real research yourself. Go back and find the actual articles printed at the time of his governorship, find the whole speeches, discover what really happened. I promise you if you do, even with the compromises he made with liberals you will see that no conservative in history could have gotten a better deal given the circumstances.

I get it. I bought the McCain BS too out of lack of time and habit. But I promise you, take a day, one whole day of real research and reading, and you won’t find yourself settling for Romney, or holding your nose and voting for him because we need to get rid of Obama. If you do the research and really look over what this man has done, you will vote FOR him, not just against someone else.

I could include a lot of links in this post, but I don’t want you going to, what some will claim are, my cherry picked sources. I want you to do the research yourself. Don’t go to blogs, or opinion articles, or new articles written in the last few months. Really do some research, go and find the real information on Bain, on the Olympics, on his time in Massachusetts. Find the full speeches and read the full text. Pull up all the Paul/Newt/Santorum attack ads and look for the information they’re hitting Romney on. I promise you every single time you leave liking Romney more and hating the others as cheap mudslingers.

Romney is a conservative. Romney is what this country needs.


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15 responses to “An open letter to those who oppose Romney

  1. candalee2

    Thank you for the letter. You put into words what I learned following a similar path.

  2. Dotty

    LOVE THIS ARTICLE — really tells people honestly what they can expect with Mitt Romney — our president in 2012!!!

  3. TimShawSr

    I did the same and this is how I found all the statements Santorum was making about Gov. Romney, to put it nicely, simply were not true. Some suggestions of places to look. The archives of the Heritage Foundation, the priemier conservative think tank which help Romney craft the Mass heal plan. He gave a major speech to the HF on his health care plan on Jan 26, 2006. You will learn there are absolutely no silimaritiles between Romney and Obama’s health plans. Look in C-Span’s archives and watch all Gov Romney’s speeches in their entirety. He gave one, I believe in early 2011, which is very good, describing in detail why he would repeal Obamacare and why it is bad for America. He was Gov of MASS from 2003 to 2007. Read Romney’s book he wrote about the turnaround of the winter Olympics, it’s called “Turnaround” You will learn more about his sills, leadership philosophy and his Charecter than from any other source. These are some places to start. Examine his record as governor, and you will see a conservative. When you have finished you will understand Romney is a conservative in every sense of the word. It takes original research, don’t just believe the campaign sloganeering of others that have their own agendas.

  4. Lisa

    Great article. I wholeheartedly agree. Somehow, there are many conservative Republicans who just made up their minds long before now and have bought into the half-truths this whole election cycle. The fact is, as you state, he is quite conservative. He is also a great level-headed leader that will be perfect to run against Obama. He won’t inflame any voters the way Gingrich or Santorum would have.
    Thanks for the article

  5. sam

    God bless you for this truthful and articulate article.I have loved Mitt from the beginning because I do my research before voting 4 someone especially POTUS.It’s crucial to know who you are voting 4 and why. Mitt Romney is the best person in this race; best qualified; best integrity;best values;best family;best committed; best patriot; best “resolute” person.He will be a exceptional POTUS for 8 yrs beginning w/2012 election.

  6. queuno

    The only way he can win is if he abandons his conservatism to attract more of the moderate class…

    • I must disagree. People want economic and foreign policy conservatives. And while the country is center-left on social issues they like someone who is personally socially conservative but who doesn’t want to force their morals on other people. He will appeal to women. He will appeal to Hispanics. He will appeal to moderates and even pragmatic liberals, not because he is going to water down his message, but because he stands for something other than himself (unlike Obama and Santorum) and has actual solutions to fix the problems we face (unlike Obama and Santorum).

  7. Debbie

    He has my vote.

  8. Mel

    Yep, following the US Constitution is “pshychotic”.

  9. And for someone who wants to critique my reading ability it’s interest you couldn’t actually follow the link where I have proof for each and everyone one of those statements ( because unlike you I’ve done research and don’t just rely on stock phrases. I like how you name heads of organizations without actually using names…and like all Paulbots you have an inability to distinguish between the basic concepts of good and evil in foreign affairs. “Perhaps we should worry about those countries getting a nuke after they actually do something to acquire one.” And perhaps we should only worry about evil after it’s already killed 6 million people..oh, wait no, Paul said he wouldn’t have done anything to stop Nazi Germany.

    • Apparently, I have to stop you from spreading your hate so you are worth a little more of my time. Sorry, I couldn’t even reach into the convoluted mulch of your link to form my own opinions from your “proof” that he is psychotic. Now let’s say, just for arguments sake, that he is anti-semantic racist. Would any policies be formed from those ideas? Could they possibly make it out of the senate? The answer is no, and your hate is unwarranted and unwanted.
      I’ve seen Ron Paul go on record saying he isn’t a racist and that his ideology prevents him from being one regardless of what happened many, many years ago. Even if he was, it wouldn’t change much. Obama received 90% of the black vote; I doubt that number is going to change much in this election. Insulting Paul for doing something he is not guilty of is ignorant. Even if he was the racist’s boss.
      You say he is an isolationist. Isolationism for four years could do us some good. Do you not realize that war costs money, lives, and causes undue pain upon the few of us who decide to serve? It seems to me you have no clue what evil is. War is the epitome evil. I wish I could go back in time and stop us from going to WWII, so many people died that it forever changed the face of our people. Ever met a WWII vet? I didn’t sign up for a country that’s the rest of the world’s police, I just happened to be born into it. You seem to like to go back into history to blast Paul when his ideas now are about saving our people from the bank corruption and wars (banks aren’t evil, people are. Yes I am reading your articles).
      As for nukes, do you know what NORAD is? If you did, you would not even care about who is building nukes.
      Did I have to reference a figure head? Do I have a proper idea of good and evil? Please stop spreading your hate. If you were on our side, with your skill set, you could actually do some good.

  10. First I need to respond to the hate issues – nothing I said previously implied or stated that I personally hated anyone – as I don’t. I actually like Paul sometimes and thoroughly enjoyed him in the debates and thought he added a lot. My last statement was only there as you attacked Cris for things that were not true and you have not researched and I was just pointing out that you did not deal with the main thrust of his argument as to why he would never support the man. I personally am willing to believe that Paul is a poor manager and businessman and allowed someone to use him – Cris is a little less forgiving.
    Now to the World War II issue – again I am appalled. Of course I know someone from World War II – actually many people, I also know people from Korea and Viet Nam. All the people I have known through my life have always been proud of their service and the job they did. You obviously do not know about the War or do not understand evil. Do you know anyone who survived a Nazi death camp? War is damaging – and it is supposed to be but it is often necessary as people are not perfect and there are evil people in the world. I can assure you that if World War II had not been fought then the world would be a far worse one than it now is. How much damage, death and torture did Hitler commit, Communist Russia do, Communist China, Communist Cuba and every other dictator in the world commit? Do you really believe that by removing evil the world is not better even though many must die to do so but so many more can live and live in a better life than if the evil was not destroyed? You live in a very naive world that needs to realize that the phrase they used to use “Better Red then Dead” is not true, but a far worse death. If you can not not live and live a quality life you might as well be dead. People who cannot make the moral judgement to determine evil and take the responsibility to fight evil deserve the life or existence they live.
    i agree (and believe Cris does also) that we should not be paying foreign aid but we do need bases around the world and we do need to support our Allies – we have these things called treaties and so our actions are already dictated – maybe you would like to go back on our word.
    if you do not like America it does not matter where you were born but you could choose to live anywhere you think provides a better life.
    As to four years of Isolationism you need to go back and study history as that is what we tried prior to World War II and that is one of the reasons that it occurred as it did – if the US and the other Allies had reacted much sooner it would not have been so devastating and that is always the way it is with Isolationism – study history.
    And you should also do some research into the situation that caused the banks to be so corrupt – the government put measures into place that pushed them to the position that got us into the financial situation we came to. Did you know that the Federal Government for years after Reagan threatened the mortgage companies and banks to make loans to people who could not pay those loans – threatened them with law suits – look up “red-lining suits”. Anyway the banks/mortgage companies came to the conclusion (not saying it was right) that they were going to go down anyway if they followed or didn’t follow the government direction so they decided to “get theirs while the getting was good”. This and other variables are what put us in the economic position we ended up in so Paul is correct that government needs to stop regulations and follow the constitution and allow for free trade. But you need to study more if you believe he is correct regarding the Gold Standard, closing the Fed completely and Isolationism. So I personally will take my skill set and apply it to research and thought processes that bring me to the conclusion that Romney is the hope for the moment and I will back him and then when he is elected will hold his feet to the fire to ensure that he follows through with his plans as stated. Sorry for being long winded and not pithy but I get passionate over these types of issues. No one is promoting hate but we are promoting real research, thought processes and long range plans that actually have an opportunity to work.

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