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Weekly Meditation: The Seventh Chakra and God

As we continue our meditations through the whole system of chakra we have come to the 7th chakra, the chakra most about our connection to the divine. Western belief would call this connection the Holy Spirit, but whatever you call it, it is the acknowledgement that we are all personally attached to God and he to us. And when you are perfectly balanced and brimming with energy in all of your chakras you will be able to touch that miraculous image

This week we will work on this connection. Sitting in the lotus position focus on the following lines taken from the workbook of A Course in Miracles:

God Is In Everything I See Because God Is In My Mind.

My Mind Is Part Of God’s. I Am Very Holy.

I Am Blessed As A Son Of God.

God Is The Light In Which I See.

God Is The Love In Which I Forgive.

God’s Voice Speaks To Me All Through The Day.


Repeat these words to yourself as you sit and meditate upon them for 15 minutes every day (or if you can 15 minutes in the morning after waking and 15 minutes before going to bed).


(Each line is linked to the more complete day long meditation from A Course in Miracles, if you feel you want to experience each one even further).

As you do this, it should not only increase the energy of your 7th chakra but help to the energy level and balance of your other six chakras.



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Is Warren Buffett’s Support for Higher Taxes a Way of Paying Back Politicians for Big-Government Policies that Line His Pockets?

Is the Pope Catholic? Does the Sun rise in the east? Is there gambling at Rick’s? Is Obama a corrupt socialist and in the running for worst president of all time?

International Liberty

President Obama, echoed by the establishment media, routinely trumpets Warren Buffett’s support for higher taxes.

If this rich guy is willing to pay more, the story goes, then surely the rest of us peasants should just roll over and acquiesce to the President’s class-warfare tax policy.

Well, one reason we shouldn’t surrender is that Buffett is either stupid or dishonest. In previous posts, I’ve exposed his fiscal innumeracy and explained that he is understating his own tax rate.

I also posted a video exposing the hypocrisy of rich leftists, who refuse to write checks to Uncle Sam notwithstanding their self-proclaimed willingness to pay more. As far as I’m aware, this also describes Buffett.

But maybe all this tax talk is a distraction. Perhaps the real story is that Buffett is a clever political manipulator and that his support for higher taxes is a way for him to pay…

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