Arguing with a Romney Opponent

Romney Opponent: Romneycare!
Romney supporter: But Romneycare kept healthcare in the private sector. Did you want him to just let the liberals destroy the private sector?

O: A real conservative would have just vetoed their bill.
R: Romney vetoed lots of spending bills. In 2006 all 250 of his vetoes were overridden. Did you want him to just roll over and let the liberals win, or do the right thing and protect the private sector as any good conservative would.

O: A real conservative would have made an effective argument.
R: With the Massachusetts legislature? Why don’t you try that Don Quixote.

O: No it just means Romney is bad at convincing the people.
R: You can’t always win when arguing with idiots.* Even God effectively lost the argument with Pilate. Sometimes you just can’t win. Liberal legislature in the most liberal state not going to hear it. But rich businessman in a liberal state, Mormon in a Catholic state, conservative in a the bluest state on the map…Romney got elected governor, he must be good at some arguments.

O: Reagan would have convinced the people he was right and not given in.
R: Reagan gave in lots of time. A good leader knows when to pick their battles, which Romney did.

O: Well Romney’s not a good leader.
R: In defiance of all the facts behind his excellent leadership at Bain, at the Olympics, and reducing the budget deficit in Massachusetts.

O: Well he’s a liberal.
R: Even though he stopped liberal measures wherever he could?

O: Romneycare!
R: [bangs head into wall]

*like now.


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