Weekly meditation: The 7th Chakra

The 7th Chakra , the crown chakra, that spinning amethyst colored chakra at the very top of your head…the one associated with your complete connection with the divine.  The one that if you were fully balanced in all the previous six chakra and the 7th would understand that the most ridiculous prayer in history is “yet not my will, but yours be done” because when you are completely balance and one with the universe it is not a choice between your will and God’s but rather, as you should be praying, let not the will of my ego be done, but our (my and God’s which are one in the same) be done. “


Now, before I go any further I do want to say something about the 7th Chakra and being completely balanced and Enlightened.  We can, and will work on balancing and enhancing the energy of the 7th chakra, and you should always work to improve the energies of all your chakras and make sure they are always free of negative energy.  However, fully realize that most of us only have fleeting moments where everything aligned and the we can see the world as it truly is and experience god as we should.   There is nothing wrong with that.  That’s the point of life to learn, to evolve, and to improve, so that this year we are more balance than the last; so that this decade we are a better person than the last; so that this lifetime we progress even closer to God than we did in the last one.  But the reason why these moments are so fleeting is that most of us are unbalanced in the lower chakras and haven’t fully realized how to balance everything with their energies.


I go over this because I have heard some people complain about working on their fifth chakra and still not having any moments of artistic inspiration, focusing on their sixth chakra to develop psychic powers but not getting anywhere, working on their seventh chakra but still haven’t had any divine revelations…and they use these seemingly failures as an excuse to give up on meditation and give into despair.  This is wrong, they are making progress, just not as quickly as they might like.  Enlightenment isn’t exactly easy to get to.  Why do you think so few have made?  It’s hard work—it’s worthwhile work, but it’s hard.  We work on the higher chakra not because we want the immediate results of what those chakras can bring when fully balanced, but to make sure there is nothing blocking positive energy from God and the universe that is coming in to help us with our lower chakras.  It’s a slow process and because you don’t get immediate results you should not be discouraged.


So that being said, let me start talking this week about a long term “meditation” to bring your first and seventh chakras into balance.  You’re not going to like it at first, but I don’t recommend it because I just want to annoy you.


What am I going to suggest?  Stop buying things.  The seventh chakra is all about us seeing this world as meaningless and our relationship with God as everything, the first chakra is about our relationship with this material world.  Now do I mean stop buying everything?  No, we all need food and shelter and entertainment and a hundred other things that cost money.  But may I suggest trying to buy less.  There is inevitably something we all buy or spend money on not because we need it, but because it gives us the comfort of Linus’ blanket.  For some it’s food.  For others it’s music.  Clothes. Tools.  For me it’s books and DVDs—especially  books, I buy them faster than I can read them (I have a library of about 1400 volumes and I’ve only read about half of them).  As much as it pains me, I need to stop buying books at the rate I do.  I need to appreciate and use what I have before I buy more.  And I need to waste less of my time and effort (which is what the money I get paid for my day job) on something I’m not enjoying.  And this is what we all do at some level, we choose to take comfort in something physical rather than looking for something deeper.


Now, for the pragmatic sake I’m not even coming close to saying you need to live like a ascetic in a cave, but to help focus less on things and more on what really is important, I would ask you for the rest of year to cut your budget by 10%.  I realize that many of us are already cutting corners and this is simply not pragmatic, but 10% is a healthy goal to shoot for. But it would help before you buy anything “Do I need this, will this help me be better person?”  might help.  Sometimes, even with meaningless things like buying a fantasy book or seeing a movie or buying a new piece of clothing the answer will be yes.  Enjoyment and pleasure are necessary pieces of being a better person.  But a lot of time we just do it as a distraction and don’t even enjoy the thing we’re buying—this doesn’t help you.  And I feel a goal of 10% cut will help you center more on what’s important.


You might find this odd as I am also the guy who praises capitalism.  But it shouldn’t.  Capitalism is a system that best allocates resources and maximizes freedom to allow people to live their lives…but it is not an end unto itself.  It is the best system to allow you grow and it should not be mistaken as the end unto itself.   There should not have to be a conflict between capitalism and the soul, rather the two work together rather well.  In a similar line of thought the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda once stated:

“Granted, the East is not practical enough; but the West is too practical to be spiritually practical! That is why I advocate a harmonious union of the two; they need each other. Without spiritual idealism, material practicality is the harbinger of selfishness, sin, competition, and wars. This is a lesson for the West to learn. And unless idealism is tempered with practicality, there is confusion and suffering and lack of natural progress. This is the lesson to be learned by the East.”


So for this week, this year, and hopefully further, try to focus just a little less on the material world and using it as a distraction for from other needs, joys, and questions that the material world can cover up.

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One response to “Weekly meditation: The 7th Chakra

  1. “Stop buying things.” LOVE it!! Such a great prescription for America. I actually have lots of (too much?) upper chakra energy and need to learn to start buying things (really) to boost my first chakra. That’s what I love about chakra “medicine” — it’s different for every single person. But I can name one thing that someone can buy that will actually boost their 7th chakra — my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoo for the crown chakra. Just saying’… Blessings

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